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Great New York-style Reuben sandwich in greater Sacto?

Looking for a really good Reuben sandwich in greater Sacramento - help!

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  1. I have not tried it yet, but I have always heard raves about the reubens at Sam's Kosher Style Deli in Fair Oaks, 8121 Greenback Lane.

    1. Is it Sams or Bobs? Ya mean there could be two Kosher deli's in town?

      I got a good Rueben on J at Pennisi's Deli. Sorry if I spelled it wrong. I am too hot to look it up.

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        I think Sam's is closed now. They had GREAT chopped liver, too. Bummer.

      2. My husband says Dad's in midtown has great Ruebens.

        1. There is a Bob's Butcher Block kosher deli too, in Carmichael (also on FO Blvd).

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            Yep..love their mazto ball soup and pastrami sandwich!

          2. Thanks guys. I've been chasing some of these - and found that kosher means no cheese (Gruyère or Switzerland Swiss) with the meat, and only Bob's uses Russian dressing (vs. Thousand Island).

            1. I heard that Mason's tries to make the quintessential Rueben. Anyone try this?

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                Nope..but my husband is a Reuben freakoid so we may have to try it. Have you been to Mason's?

              2. I find the Reuben at Vic's Ice Cream to be pretty good.

                1. How do they make it there? We were just talking about going there as it is close to our house.

                  1. I actually tried the Reuben at Mason's. Was not impressed. The Rye appeared to be grocery store out of a bag. Not artisan. The meat was thin, the sauerkraut was meager.

                    I did just have a fantastic $211.00 pastrami sandwich over the weekend. $11.50 for the sandwich, $200.00 round-trip flight to Langer's in LA...


                    1. Did you bring any back with you?

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                        In my belly!

                        I also found out that Costco is selling Carnegie Deli Pastrami... I think I'll try it this weekend.