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Jul 18, 2006 04:42 PM

Italy at the end of August - restaurant suggestions in Rome & Siena


I'd be really grateful if somebody could suggest restaurants in Rome and Siena for a holiday at the end of August. I've been to both several times before and have some favourites but am looking for some new ones....for example in Siena I love Al Papei and Le Torre whilst in Rome, L'Orso 80, La Buca di Ripetta, Ditrambo, Maccheroni. Any other ideas would be fantastic and gratefully received.

Incidentally if anybody finds themselves near Bolgheri in Tuscany try Il Taverne del Pittore - it is fantastic.

Thanks for your help

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  1. my favorite place in rome was Il Drappo. It is sardinian style food. Absolutely the best roasted duck with apples, homemade gnocchi and there appetizer of their flat bread and tomatoes were divine. Never got to dessert, being too full, but they looked great. Very nice place, but due to another place being closed, we went there instead and were quickly steered toward the very back patio, past the kitchen. But it was quaint, not stuffy and had a good view of the kitchen, much more my style than the formality of the dinning room.

    also in rome, we went to Romolo in Travestre. Good food, fun staff and a fun place to wander around after dinner. Much more of a younger neighborhood.

    1. I have lived in Italy for 20 years now....and go often to Rome ( I live in FLorence)

      I have really enjoyed returning often to Gusto, they have several venues,from pizza to buffet, wine bar and a cooking shop just down from the spanish stairs near the River ( piazza Agusto)

      last time we ate at the Restaurant side ( outside on the left) packed with young hip romans,felt more like LA.. the food was fabulous!

      I has also eaten once at the pizza side ahd a great mozzerella pizza with zucchini blossoms, followed by a chocolate chili mousse!
      also love Dittirambo... and Orso 80 (the appettizers spread is a meal)and next time I want to go to OBIKO the mozzarella bar...

      1. I live in LA, and I can say: I love Gusto!

        I think I ate there three times (usually for lunch) the last time I was in Rome.

        1. We stayed in Rome at Christmas and right across the street from our little hovel of a rental apartment (the size of my mother's closet - no joke!) was the most stupendous restaurant, Old Bear Taverna on the via dei Gigli d'Oro a block away from the Piazza Navona. Get the cheesecake made with Ricotta yum..

          1. you must go to pizzeria da baffetto. best pizza ever!

            114 via del governo vecchio.