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Jul 18, 2006 04:25 PM

Soy Cafe open later

Hi all,

I drove by last night and stopped in at Soy cafe to pick up some frozen mint soy milk in an "icy pouch", which you can let thaw a bit and eat like a slushy. It is quite yummy. I also picked up an icy pouch of Vietnamese Coffee, which sounds like a great summer treat: a coffee popsicle!
They said they are open to 10:00 pm. Since the last search I did of Soy Cafe (or is it soycafe?) turns out up old posts referring to their limited hours and the sign on the side of their building still says they close at 3, I thought I would mention it. I haven't yet tried their fresh home-made soy milk, but the frozen version is tasty. They are also open Saturdays now; or, at least, they were open last Saturday. They have home-made bean curd too: a sweet ginger version and a tumerici/something flavor.

It is a small cafe on Hyperion, between Lyric and Fountain (I think)

Here's a link to one of the old threads with more details:

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  1. They have a booth at the Saturday farmers market in Silverlake. They serve spring rolls, banh mi, tofu stuff, coffee, etc.

    1. I tried the sardine bahn mi from the Farmer's Market. It was ok, but awfully small for $5.00. For just a dollar or so more, the one's at KP's are huge. The homemade bean curd with ginger is quite good, though.

      1. I had a banh mi (forget what filling... chicken?) at the farmer's market as well. It was really good... he heats it up in a toaster oven, so it has more toasty bread flavor/texture.

        He (the owner, I presume, as it seems a small operation. Super-nice guy) also had turmeric whitefish with rice noodles and cilantro. Very fresh and tasty... I've been looking into making this myself at home.

        But the big problem is price. I agree that the banh mi is pretty puny, and pricey to boot. And somehow, after one (or two??) banh mi, two soy milks and the turmeric fish, we ended up paying $25! I could not understand that at all.

        Still, I'd like to give a sit-down meal (not counting the little stools at the FM stand) a try, so I'm glad it's open later/more days... when we were at the stand a month or so ago, their card said the restaurant was closed Friday and Saturday! What kind of a food business is that??

        1. i've been going to this place once a week since they extended the hours. it's quickly become one of my favorite places in la. in mt repeated visits, i've ordered close to half of the menu and with only one exception (the savory bean curb w/ dill and tumeric), everything else i've had has been varying degrees of excellent. all four sandwichs i've tried have been great (the tofu/basil and sardine/scallion being my favorites), but my absolute favorite item there is the bean curd in ginger sauce. perfect in texture and flavor. i've never seen anything like it anywhere else. the mint soy milk is really wonderful too.

          1. this is a great little Silverlake gem...some of the freshest food you can find in LA. The owner is a great guy. He used to be a scientist and uses a very scientific approch to creating his food (he spent six months in his brother's garage perfecting rice noodles)

            My favorite dish, the tumeric whitefish, is only served on Sundays now :(. However, their is the same dish with soy skin. I also love the ginger soy curd and the C shot (cyane pepper, lemon juice, and sugar cane juice)

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              I would like to describe their coffee in 4 words...

              disappointment of epic proportions. I would like to compare it to the usc v stanford game yesterday.

              preface: this refers to their coffee ONLY. I also grew up in little saigon.

              It came highly recommended as "quite tasty" from another recent post. I was excited: local vietnamese coffee. I came, inquired about the coffee. I admit, the food smelled really good at that point. But I was only there for coffee.I asked for 1 cup, "cafe sua da". I was presented with the question: single or double shot. I was confused. Perplexed even. Single or double shot? What is this, starbucks? Anyway, I'm a fiend for strong Vietnamese coffee. I asked for the double shot. $3. Okay, sure. I don't mind paying $3 bucks for coffee if it saves me a 40 mile drive.

              I was presented with a small rocks glass, filled with ice and only 3/4 filled with coffee. That means a "double shot" of vietnamese coffee = only about 2 oz. At this point, all hope was lost. But hey, who knows, maybe it's REALLY REALLY good. I left and sipped my coffee. Almost immediately, a little part of me died inside. Hope for good vietnamese coffee around LA was lost. Overly sweet, not very bitter. Shitty proportions. $3. Wow. I'll admit, if I had about 5 of these poured into a 12oz cup with crushed ice, it wouldn't have been that bad. Mr. Lee's like. But for what it was, and for how much I paid, it felt ripped off. Chowhound had failed me.

              To CH's defense, I went to my hairstylist, and started talking about the coffee. I kept mentioning how weak I thought it was. I found out that another one of the stylists had actually tried the coffee before and said it was too strong. I suppose if you're comparing it to starbucks or something, yes, it is very strong. But compared to what you get down in Little Saigon, it's shit. Shit put into a tiny rocks cup for 3 bucks.

              I may come back because the food looked and smelled pretty good, albeit slightly more than I would expect for a Vietnamese restaurant. But this is Silverlake so...

              Anyway. I'm going to get my real coffee in a few hours (Kang Lac Bakery), and bring 10 home so I can have throughout the week.

              1. re: ns1

                The owner is about to open a new larger restaurant in Atwater on Glendale Blvd too, which sounds promising.