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Jul 18, 2006 04:24 PM

Will kids (8 and 10) like this menu?

I'm having some family over for a morning pool party next week. My cousin is visiting from England w/ her kids. It's hot as hell here, we will eat out by the pool, so:

grilled chicken skewers w/ thai peanut sauce (on the side)
cold soba noodle salad (hopefully in cute take-out containers)
green papaya salad
slices of watermelon
some sort of ice cream concoction for dessert

I know the green papaya is mostly for the adults, but does everything else sound good for kids?

Do you think kids would be more excited over a multi-layered ice cream cake creation, or would they like ice cream sandwish cookies better? What are the chances kids will eat coffee ice cream in a layer if I do the cake? Any recipes?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I think the chicken skewers will go over fine w/the kids - peanut sauce included. Watermelon is a no brainer for kids too as is any kind of ice cream - I don't think kids are picky about how that is served although coffee ice cream might not be their first choice for flavor. If you're doing the layered desert, I'd make sure there are other flavors which are more familiar and kid-friendly - but I'm sure you already know that :-)

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    1. re: sivyaleah're giving me too much credit. I thought perhaps the ubiquitous Starbucks Frappucino had the kiddies craving coffee as well.

      Which reminds me...I better put some whipped cream and chocolate sauce on whatever I serve them, no?

      1. re: sivyaleah

        I loved coffee ice cream, coffee milk and just about anything with coffee as a kid. Sort of the forbidden treat. Sadly since moving to t he midwest coffee desserts are not the norm or as regular as in the east. Some of that has changed but I can recall being in a grocery store and there was no coffee ice cream to be had. Shocking!

      2. I'd go with the ice cream utensils, using your fingers is fun for all ages.

        1. I think the menu if fine, but the kids might not like the skewers if they also have vegetables on them. Chicken on a stick w/o the vegetables would go over better w/ many kids. You might consider adding a chopped or tossed salad to the menu. As far as coffee ice cream, I wouldn't give it to kids, just for the caffiene factor.

          1. Anything the kids can eat with their hands while sitting on the top pool step will be a hit! Put wooden plates or trays on the pool coping and watch the food disappear. I fed young visitors fried chicken legs, pork spareribs & corn on the cob in the pool and they've never gotten over it. Watermelon wedges would have been a "plus"! Add extras for the grownups and you'll be a smash hit. Have fun!

            1. It sounds like a great menu that a child as old as 8 could easily enjoy. Out of courtesy to the parents I would avoid coffee ice cream because they might consider it inappropriate. But I will tell you that it's my five year old's favorite flavor!

              Because you're concerned that the children may not enjoy the papaya salad, I think it's important to add another vegetable to the mix. Depending on your recipe you can also boost the vegetable content of the cold noodle dish.

              How about a broccoli salad? Even children who haven't been taught to eat vegetables tend to like broccoli! If you steam it and dress it with sesame oil, lite soy, grated ginger, scallions and chopped peanuts it should go nicely with the rest of the menu.

              I hope it works well and you all have a wonderful time.

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              1. re: Kater

                Yes, PLEASE avoid the coffee ice cream. I would never have allowed my children to eat it. Your milage may differ, but why give your guests the potential tension?