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UES -- colleague needs last minute "cool & fun" rec tonight (Tues)

A colleague needs to take his wife & another couple to dinner tonight for her birthday. They'd like to go someplace "fun", "stylish" and "cool". Ambiance is important. Only restriction is that they don't like seafood and needs to be on the UES (prefer 70s/80s).

All input apprciated!

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  1. Rughetta's is solid Italian on UES... If price doesn't matter, Cafe Boulud.

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      I would not call this "fun" or stylish," but the food is pretty decent.

    2. Thanks. I'll check out Rughetta's.

      Any thoughts on Fondue? I've heard mixed reviews but that the new owners were turning it around. Fondue: 301-303 E 80th St

      1. I also found these; any comments from hounds-at-large?

        242 E 81st St
        New York, NY 10028
        (212) 517-8826

        1562 Second Ave
        New York, NY 10028
        (212) 628-3131

        1. What about Beyoglu at 81st and 3rd, it's Mediterranean/Turkish? Spigolo is a block away at 81st and 2nd, great Italian, small spot with fun atmosphere.

          1. Haven't been in a while, but I always like Etats-Unis when I lived on the UES. Wouldn't say its "fun" but its got style. Maybe more grown-up than "cool".

            Cafe d'Alsace is a pretty happening new place, although I can't say I loved it when I went there recently. Some of the food was pretty good. There service was a bit off.

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              I was at Cafe d'Alsace a couple of weeks ago and there didn't seem to much in the way of seasonal changes to the menu - and not where I'd want to eat on a scorcher like this - most of the options are very heavy.

            2. Maybe Orsay? Not much I can think of on the UES that's cool & stylish ...

              1. What about Payard at Lex & 73rd? Not exactly cool but very stylish in an UES way...nm

                1. Vespa ( 1625 2nd Ave | Btwn 84th & 85th St )has a great atmosphere and a fabulous back garden. The drinks are delicious, but I have yet to eat a meal there.

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                  1. There's davidburke & donatella, though thats on 61st. There's also Payard Patisserie, certainly stylish in a particular way. And the desserts can certainly make it "fun" if not "cool".

                    1. i would reccomend uva, a new wine bar on 2nd, high 70's i believe


                      1. How about Geisha, davidburke & donatella or Etats-Unis?

                        1. Oh yeah I love Uva. Try that. I also like Cafe D'Alsace, but I agree the food is very heavy for the hot weather, I don't really understand why they don't make their menu more seasonal.

                          1. Bardolino on 2nd ave and 78th. I ate there once and the food was really good. Whenever I walk by there on nice weekday nights or on weekends there always a young /stylish good-looking crowd eating there.