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Jul 18, 2006 03:34 PM

51st and 6th: need lunch ideas

I just started a new job on 51st and 6th. So far, aside from Pret, I'm not finding too many interesting lunch options.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Check out Margon for cuban sandwiches. I think it's on 47 or 48 off of 6Ave. Go to for the address.

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      I would definetely second Margon for Cuban Sandwiches... or for straight up cuban food, check out

      Cafe Cello


      Kati Roll for Indian Burritos

      Those are my two favorites right now...

    2. Eatery on 53rd and 9th has good $9.95 lunch specials.

      1. Hing Won on 48th betw 5&6 is ok Chinese takeout.

        1. I work on 51st & 6th too. For lunch I range from 5th to 9th Ave., 45th to 56th Street. Among my haunts:

          Minar, excellent, cheap Indian steam table place on 46th between 6th & 7th (near Margon). AN absolute fave of mine.

          John's Shanghai (same block as Minar), but don't order the lunch specials. I gave up on Joe's Shanghai on 56th--too damn expensive.

          Wu Liang Ye (my favorite Sichuan)- but don't order the lunch specials.

          Menchanko-Tei & Menkui-Tei for Japanese noodles.

          Topaz for Thai (good deal for midtown, and pretty decent).

          Sukhadia's for Indian veg. $10.99 buffet, $4.99/lb. to go.

          Excellent Turkish at Akdeniz on 46th, but cheaper for takeout.

          Moishe's falafel cart. Daisy Mae bbq cart. Various Vietnamese-run fruit salad carts.

          Utsav & Bay Leaf for Indian buffet.

          I recently tried La Bonne Soupe for the first time. Not bad, but I miss La Crepe de Bretagne.

          Ninth Ave: Afghan Kebab House, Rice & Beans (Brazilian), Old San Juan (Puerto Rican/Argentine), Grand Sichuan, Uncle Nick (Greek), Rincon Peruano.

          Also, you can get decent pizza by the slice at Global Kitchen in 1290 6th Ave, 52nd street side. Good, enormous salads to go at Bread Market, same building (I like the tortilla tilapia, moroccan eggplant and jerk chicken salads).

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              Topaz is on 56th between 6th & 7th. Better than many, not as good as others. Very popular at lunch.

          1. thanks to everybody. i really appreciate the help!

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              I worked right there for several years, so I completely empathize! Lots of great suggestions above, to which I'd add Lou's Cafe at 1301 6th (it's either on 52nd or 53rd Street; south side of the street). Nothing fancy, but lots of good salads and pastas. It's a nice place to go with a lunch buddy, and they've got sidewalk seating if it's not too beastly hot out.