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Jul 18, 2006 03:32 PM

St. Paul Help needed!

My brain is kind of stuck, so I need help with the following request:
Tomorrow early evening dinner (6pm), group of 6 adults, plus the chowbaby, so must be relatively kid friendly (i.e. they must have high chairs). 4 of the adults are in their 60s and require a fairly comfortable environment. 2 of the adults state that they are "adventurous" but I am not willing to push that too far. For location, the preference is St. Paul, but may be close by. 2 of the adults will depart for Rochester after dinner, so I would prefer not to go too far North of the TC.
Also, it would be nice to find a place that either does not have long waits at that hour or takes reservations.
I was thinking about La Grolla, where I have never been, how is the food, is it kid friendly, etc.

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  1. If your group will eat Asian food, both Pad Thai Grand Café and Grand Shanghai on Grand Ave. would be fine choices. The food is quite good and inexpensive, there are lots of fairly bland items for the older Minnesotans, and people bring kids all the time.

    1. Stop the presses, Paz came up with our solution: Muffuletta.
      Thanks for the advice, Michael.

      1. For future reference, though, I've had mediocre food at La Grolla and wouldn't call it overly kid-friendly -- the tables are pretty close together and the main dining room is not that big. The patio has more breathing room, but I don't ever recall seeing kids out there. My parents, who are not super-chowhoundish, liked La Grolla just fine.

        1. Fine suggestion. We had brunch with friends and 4 kids at Muffaletta on Sunday and it was very pleasant.