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Jul 18, 2006 03:27 PM

Taco Rosa in Irvine

I just read this morning that Taco Mesa will open a Taco Rosa branch in the Marketplace soon.

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  1. that's great news for all of us Irvinites...where did you hear this ?

    1. I ate at the Newport Taco Rosa on Saturday. They brought out a mini tostada and taquito appetizer while we looked at the menu. I had the cochinita pibil which came with a tasty sweet corn cake. I had a refreshing mango agua fresca that they refilled twice. My friend had the Mexico City enchiladas, which he liked.

      Sunday I ate at the original Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa. I had the cochinita pibil again. The food was the same thing except no banana leaf wrapping the pork and no corn cake. The price was almost half of Taco Rosa's, $6.99 vs $12. No refills on my watermelon agua fresca. I believe the Mexico City enchiladas were only $5.99 vs. $10 at Taco Rosa.

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        Not really fair to compare prices on the two. Taco Mesa is a no-service stand with a few tables on the patio on 19th Street in Costa Mesa. I am spacing on this, but believe food is all served on paper plates or in to-go containers. That said, I still love it! Taco Rosa is a full service restaurant with bar & patio in an Irvine Co. owned upscale strip mall in Newport Beach. Great friendly table service & hostess & those yummy complimentary appetizers. Totally different animals, but both share their great food!

        1. 19th . Across from DMV.

          1. I read about the new Taco Rosa in the Register this morning.

            1. Just ate at the Taco Rosa in Irvine for the first time. I thought the food was excellent. I had the Arizona burrito-- gigantic proportions-- blackened chicken with sauteed vegatables (spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes) yummo. Also served with black beans, guacamole, sour cream and lovely arrangment of large sliced carrots just delish! The girl across the table from me had a quesadilla which was of enormous proportion as well but looked tasty. Another dish at the table was the special for the night...lobster enchiladas said to be very good as well. These dishes $10 each but well worth it. Ask for guacamole and chips--so good. They also bring out a mini appetizer sampler to start. I enjoyed the night!