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Jul 18, 2006 03:19 PM

Alive & Kicking on Putnam St., Cambridge

What's the scoop?

Any good? Fresh lobsters worth the price, quality?

What is their story/history? Why there?

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  1. Have no idea about the back story, but in a pinch I've bought fresh lobsters there and they were as good as the ones from Fresh Pond, my regular spot. Now that I've tried them steamed in-house from Hook, I know they are the best, but not as convenient for me.

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    1. re: yumyum

      I seem to always forget about the Fresh Pond spot, usually on the way out of the Whole Food's parking lot... Thanks for the reminder.

      1. re: Seconds Please

        Took lobsters to the country last weekend -- 1 1/2 pounders that were absolutely fabulous. Noticed they had gorgeous halibut too.

    2. I always liked their lobster sandwiches. Not lobster rolls, with those thick large hunks of lobster, but rather, lobster sandwiches. Lobster and (what I assume is) mayo, made into a thick chunky spread, between two slices of thick buttered and twice-toasted bread. It always fixed my lobster roll cravings, especially as it was around the corner from where I lived in Cambridge. $10 (not sure if it's gone up since) for the sandwich and a bag of chips. The guys who work there are really friendly. I don't remember the price of their seafood, but do recall picking up salmon there for far less than it was at Whole Foods. They sometimes had nice large plump scallops for sale too.

      Picture of the lobster sandwich: