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Jul 18, 2006 03:06 PM

Lunch in Chelsea

It's hot today and I'm tired of going to my usual spot to grab salad. Any recommendations for good lunch spots in the 26th & 7th area (or within 5 or 7 blocks) that aren't completely unhealthy or overly bread centric? :)

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  1. Try Dimple @ 30th Between 5th and 6th. Vegetarian Indian and make sure you order the ginger tea!

    Or Ravagh a block east(good Kobideh)--

    1. Chopt? 17th btwn bway and 5th
      Might be too far to walk that far but it's worth it!

      1. RUB. - totally unhealthy and dee-licious.

        1. I'd suggest Grand Sichuan on 24th and 9th, but I don't know if it meets your standards for "healthy." There's Pepe Giallo between 24th and 25th on 10th, but perhaps that's a bit far to go even for an excellent mozzarella, tomato, basil, and arugula sandwich.

          1. You may want to check out Manhattan Heroes on 27th and 7th. I'm a fan of their rice and beans, their Friday shrimp stew, and, if I'm in an unhealthy mood, the fried chicken. Nothing is over 8 dollars. There is also a Greek diner on 28th and 7th that I vaguely recall getting a good lamb souvlaki from. Also, for Indian, check out Sirtaj on 26th between 6th and Broadway. Really good tandoori chicken and other nice curry dishes, and nice people. I assume you've already acquainted yourself with the variety of lunch items at Whole Foods. On 23 and 7th, a little bit toward 8th, near the YMCA is my favorite falafel place in the area, Pita Hut, which also serves a variety of Middle Eastern food and fresh juice. That's a nice lunch option.