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Jul 18, 2006 02:58 PM

Zip Burger

Tried Zip Burger on 52nd. Nothing remarkable. Pretty good burger. Had Gouda Cheese on it-not worth the extra $1.50. Fries looked good but didn't try em. Funny dining room upstairs. i'd put it on a par with Good Burger-both trying to clone the Burger Joint Parker Meridien expereience but falling short.

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  1. And at lunch-time there's a line - not a ShakeShack line, but still a line; twenty minutes or more. Hardly worth it.

    1. Don't miss the fries at Zip Burger - they're worth a trip themselves! Good Burger & Burger Joint PM both serve slightly tough shoestring french fries, and both serve burgers that have an overtone of old grease, a pitfall of the metal griddle cooking surface that somehow Zip Burger & Shake Shack seem to be able to avoid.

      1. A great addition to my neighborhood. I have tried the classic burger, the turkey and the salmon and they are all excellent. Also they have by far the best fries in the area - crisp and flavorful. Worth the wait in line.

        1. Eaten there a few times now and like it better than Le Burger Joint at PM (speaking of long lines btw). Fries are pretty good too. I also like Good Burger at 43rd & 2nd but Shake Shack is on another level imo..

          1. Had the salmon burger. No complaints but nothing special.