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Jul 18, 2006 02:55 PM

Manteo and Outer Banks?

I'm attending a family reunion next month in Manteo, NC. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of reasonably priced (<$20 entree) places to eat.

Thanks :-)

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  1. You might want to do a search under three headings. 1) "Manteo", 2) "Outer Banks" and 3) "OBX". You will find a number of excellent postings under each, which will provide you with several alternatives.

    What you will find is depending on how far you want to travel. The Outer Banks (OBX) runs from Corrolla down to Ocracoke which is a distance of over 100 miles, but will represent over 3 hours of driving time, depending on traffic and ferry schedules. What you will find to eat over this stretch will vary depending on what you are looking for.

    I am not as familiar with the Manteo area for restaurants. There is a wide variety up in the Duck area, and a number of old line seafood places in the Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills area, but I have never found anything outstanding in that area. We prefer to get some type of seafood when at the coast, so don't have any experience with the ethnic, hispanic/latin offerings in the area, several of which are mentioned in some existing posts on this board.

    Our favorite is the Roadside Grill in Duck, and you can find entrees in the under $20 range, but we find a couple of appetizers and a desert a great alternative.

    1. Just did a quick search to find the name of the restaurant that was Clara's - great place on the water, now is called Waterfront Trellis in The Waterfront Shops in Manteo (252) 473-1723- was great as Clara's - called them when I was in the area a few months ago and they assured me they had the fabulous She Crab Soup that Clara's had - worth checking out.

      Also a sister restaurant of Chili Peppers in Kill Devil Hills (great place) is Stripers Bar & Grille, Shallowbag Bay, Manteo
      (252) 473-3222, - I love Chili Peppers - worth checking out.

      Lastly The Weeping Radish Brewery & Bavarian Restaurant on US 64 going through Manteo - good burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, etc. They make their own beer which is good.

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        Just had dinner last week at the Weeping Radish. The food was not particulary good and the beers were worse. Very disappointed as I really wanted to like the place. I much prefered both the beer and food at the Outer Banks Brewing Station.

      2. Sam and Omie's at Whalebone Junction. Not to be missed for breakfast.