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Jul 18, 2006 02:50 PM

Nice celebratory dinner without busting the bank?

Needs a place for this Thurs to take my future brother in law and his wife to. We're all celebrating one thing or another, so we're going dutch, but thing is, theyre starving Brooklyn artsy type people so I'm aiming to find a place that's around 30-40 pp (including wine, but probably not apps/dessert). Also, one is a vegetarian and the other is a pescatarian with an inclination towards vegetarian cooking. I am not a veggie.

Any place with nice/interesting decor that's vegetarian friendly but still feels like a special place? Cuisine isn't important, and nabe isn't either but I would prefer someplace downtown.

Help chowhounders!

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  1. Giorgio's of Gramercy would be a good spot. They are participating in RW for both lunch and dinner. Last summer, we had dinner there during RW though we didn't go there specifically for that. However, the RW menu included lots of choices directly from the regular menu and, since the dishes we were interested in having were on the RW menu, we went that route. Everything was well-prepared and delicious; service was friendly and capable; and the ambiance at Giorgio's is lovely -- certainly nice enough for a celebratory occasion. As you may know, the cost for the 3-course RW dinner is $35pp, but does not, of course, include wine, tax & tip.

    Note: Although Giorgio's dinner menu normally includes options that would work for a vegetarian, it would be best to call the restaurant to be absolutely sure that at least one or two are included on the RW dinner menu.