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Jul 18, 2006 02:26 PM

Jones Beach

I hit Beach 6 at Jones Beach at least once a week. Any good seafood places close by? Nothing terrible expensive.Thanks!

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  1. Point Lookout Clam Bar is your closest and best bet. Take the Meadowbrook out and just past the toll take Loop Parkway to the end,go left and head to the bay side. Pretty good stuff, chowder and bisque, fried and grilled seafood. You also could go right at the end of Loop Parkway and go into Long Beach/Island park and eat at Jordans Lobster, a place I think is great.

    1. I second the Point Lookout Clam Bar. Pretty decent food.

      There is also Artie's South Shore Fish on Austin Blvd. in Island Park. Although, this summer something seems to be lacking there. The food seems a little bland. But, everything is very fresh and their menu choices are abundant. It's byob, fyi.

      1. Also, Peter's Clam Bar on Long Beach Road in Island Park

        1. Relatively close by is Jordan's Lobster Dock in Island Park, just north of Long Beach.

          1. Bigelow's for real fried belly clams
            Long Beach Rd., just south of Sunrise Highway.