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Jul 18, 2006 02:07 PM


any thought of a Chowhounds dating board? seems like an interest in food and restaurants would be a great place to start for singles.

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  1. I think thats a great idea. I am trying to figure out how i can start a dining group with single chowhounds.

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    1. re: jordana

      Thanks! About a dining group, I've seen chowhound get togethers posted here on the Boston board. That might be a strategy.

    2. So how would this work? Any ideas?

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      1. re: Tatum

        This is not a great idea. Your positive response is a warning bell to me that Chowhound will change from the one spot to focus on food discussions to just another silly food chat site taking the focus off the food and turning attention to the social part of eating. Please don't lose site of what makes Chowhound valuable and unique and turn it into a clone of hundreds of other sites.

        If there must be some social aspect, please put it elsewhere. Maybe Chow magazine could have a dating link. Please keep it off of Chowhound.

        It makes me suspect that they buy-out by CNet was too good to be true. That is too bad because I was enjoying the new site very much and appreciated everything Cnet has done to date.

        I hope Cnet will remember what made Chowhound attractive. There should be many ways that a food-savy audiance can be profitable.

        1. re: anonforthis2

          I certainly don't wish to harm! I've seen Chowhound get togethers at various restaurants posted on the Boston board, maybe just making email addresses available (optionally) would be good? Seems like a good combination of interests though.

          1. re: steinpilz

            Think of all the fabulous wedding feasts we could have if chowhounds started pairing off, and how we'd multiply our kind because we'd spring off lots of chowpuppies... Even so, I can't imagine there will ever be a day when this forum will have a dating element or anything similar. It's a tightly moderated site with a very specific focus and they are vigilent about keeping it that way.

            I've oft advocated adding a PM (private message) feature or a separate board for the specific purpose of facilitating chowdowns, but even that, far more innocuous in my opinion than a dating feature, has garnered no traction.

            There are still ways to meet other chowhounds: 1) by posting your own e-mail address in your profile to let others contact you off the forum and 2) organizing your own (or attending someone else's) chowdown.

            I've attended a few chowdowns and met some lovely, exceptional people and learned an awful lot about chow.


          2. re: anonforthis2

            Chowhounds on the various city boards have already figured out how to meet each other and avoid turning this board into a "get together" scene. There's a yahoo group for the Los Angeles hounds, and I'm sure there's the like for other bigger city boards.

            Personally, I always figured that meeting up with the 'hounds off-board would lead to love for me, being a single LA Chowhound. Hasn't yet, but it's lead to some good friends ;-)

            Anyhow, I agree with keeping the "meet-ups" off the board. If people post here enough, they'll figure out how to meet up themselves without board facilitation.

            1. re: anonforthis2

              I would like to see an area for organizing food oriented get togethers or tastings, but agree that the focus should be on the food, not on the relationships that might be occasioned by the pleasures of sharing or arguing about it.