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Jul 18, 2006 01:54 PM

Outer Cape

Going to Outer Cape 8/20. Staying in Wellfleet. Wondering if there are any great local farm stands, bakeries, fish markets, etc. Looking forward to doing a little cooking with local produce and seafood. Planning on 1 nice dinner out, also a few casual dinners with really great seafood/local fare. Recommendations for a few good breakfast places would help also. We like Mac's and Beachcombers, not impressed by Bookstore or Wicked Oyster. Heard about Arnold's and Red Inn. Spending a day here and there (Truro, P-town, Eastham,). Finally- what's the best pizza place in Wellfleet??

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  1. I would steer clear of Arnold's.....overrated IMHO. In N. Eastham, I would check out the Friendly Fisherman. A small shack with impeccable fresh fish in the market as well as a nice selection of local veggies/breads, and equally marvelous fried seafood/lobster rolls from the takeout window on the side. Great lunches!

    For dinner, I like Moby Dick's in Wellfleet for fish. Long lines to order, but they deliver to your table and the quality has never let me down. For a little more formal atmosphere, Serenas does a lovely Italian.

    1. Since you are staying in Wellfleet, I will limit my comments to that town. You can get a nice breakfast at 'The Lighthouse" Restaurant on Main St in Wellfleet. They have great blueberry pancakes in addition to the standard breakfast fare.
      Right across the street is 'Winslow's Tavern', formerly "Aesops Fables Restaurant". Winslows has a varied menu including pasta, fish and steaks. You can also get a Lobster Roll Dinner or even a hamburger served at your table.
      Should you want a breakfast brunch on Sunday try Van Rensselaer's on Route 6 across from Marconi beach. They serve breakfast daily as well and offer early bird dining till 6pm daily. Dinner there is good, with daily specials including fresh fish.
      On Rt 6 try 'Finely JP's". They were remodelling this past June, but should be open now. This place will truly surprise you. Excellent food, a good Zagat's rating and a great value for the buck. But be sure to get there early, since in summer , a waiting line is common. No reservations taken, however, they do allow a "call ahead' to place you in line.
      The "Wicked Oyster" has gotten some great reviews. I have not eaten there yet but plan to soon.
      I would not recommend 'The Bookstore" Restaurant on Mayo least not for dinner. They have a nice Bar though!
      I definately would not go to 'Serenas" on Rt 6. This was a great Italian Restaurant for some 25 years till it was sold 3 years ago. The new owners had great difficulty making decent tomato sauces for their varied pasta dishes............and business suffered. This year it appears it is now a BBQ joint......must be a new owner.
      A very good 'clam shack' is "Moby Dicks" on Rt 6 heading North towards Truro.. It is owned by the same folks who operate Winslows Tavern. They serve Lobsters, fried clams, clam chowder,lobster rolls etc. Very good 'clam shack' food....where you place your order at the window inside...and dine rustically inside.....lots of fun..especially for kids.

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        Huh, I had two really great meals at Serena's last summer. Fresh breads, inventive well-executed salads, first rate pastas. Didn't have a typical "red sauce" item as best I can recall, but the pastas we DID have were terrific.

      2. I forgot to mention, that a great fish store is located behind the Wellfleet town hall. It's called "Hatches" and always has a varied supply of fresh fish and shellfish.
        You asked about a fresh vegetable stand. There is a good one next to Hatches...fresh farm produce....but can be pricy. There is a farmstand on Rt 6 near the Audubon entrance which has excellent fresh prices that are more reasonable.

        1. Based on my 30+ years going to Wellfleet, here are my recs:

          1) PJs on route 6 for the best clam chowder, onion rings and lobster rolls you'll ever eat. also great ice cream - they have soft serve and hard - try the soft serve black raspberry - yum!

          2) Pizza: Wellfleet doesn't have tons of options, but I happen to LOVE Rookies on Route 6 in S. Wellfleet. Very old school place, the owners are total gems. Try the linguica pizza. Fairway pizza in Eastham is quite popular, but I am not a huge fan. I also love Spiritus pizza in P-town.

          3) The Wellfleet Marketplace is the new grocery store in town and it is pretty good. Much better than Lema's, the former store. They sell Mac's seafood and have pretty good produce. Hatches is good but expensive.

          4) The Mac's empire grows - they are now in the Lobster Hutt spot on Commercial Street and the food is delicious. No reservations and it is BYOB. Waits will be long but it is a pleasant spot to wait.

          5) Bakeries: Christine's oasis makes good, if overpriced, muffins, scones, bread, etc. The Flying Fish on Briar Lane is also good. The single best baked good in Wellfleet is the blueberry muffin at the Lighthouse. Since you're not a fan of the Wicked, head there for breakfast and be sure to try the muffins.

          6) Box Lunch: the original wrap sandwich - tons of variety so there is something for everyone. Great to grab and take to the beach.

          7) For a special dinner: Terra Luna in N. Truro.

          Finally, there have been some mentions of Serena's. I actually think the ownership has changed hands and it is now a barbeque place. Not sure whether they still have Italian items on the menu.

          Have a wonderful time!!

          1. I will second Terra Luna in N. Truro. My friend and I both had the Sea Bass special and it was fresh and tasty. They DO take reservations and don't go without making one - there is no place to wait (the bar is tiny) except outside. Great menu and waitstaff was excellent.