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Jul 18, 2006 01:52 PM

Need to plan a luncheon

Can't believe that the time has come for my youngest daughter's bat mitzvah. With the older one, we had a small after services luncheon at Cocotte on a Saturday for the family- perfect. But now we have outgrown the space- anyone have any ideas for May? I am guessing that we will have between 30- 50 people, anywhere in Brooklyn ( the Slope and Bay Ridge are first choices) that is near public transport.

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  1. Are you seriously planning a year in advance? (May seems very far away.) You know how quickly the restaurant scene changes; several of your choices may be out of business by then. Perhaps you should wait.

    1. I am seriously planning a year in advance! I seem to throw a lot of parties lately and I find that it is necessary- especially when you have people coming from all over the country...and especially when you have an "ex" involved