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Jul 18, 2006 01:43 PM

50% off Sushi


I recently moved to the east village, and I have noticed several sushi places that are 50% off the bill if you eat inhouse. It seems like such a good deal that there must be a catch. Is the fish very low-quality? Is it worth it?

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject!

-Melanie (formerly MM)

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  1. I ate at one of these places a few weeks ago. The sushi wasn't top notch at all, but it did satisfy my sushi craving and I didn't die. Works for me.

    1. definitely not the very best fish, but my favorite is zen one on st marks off of 2nd. i actually crave their 'ny pop' rolls.

      1. definitely avoid sushi park (1st ave @ 7th st).

        1. If these places advertise 1/2 price sushi on mon. or tues, think of it this way.....would you eat it if it said "leftover sushi" or "old sushi"? Because that's what it is. leftover from the weekend.

          if they are places that always say 1/2 price, its basically a gimmick as their 1/2 price is actually their full price (albeit relatively cheap). And the question you need to ask is "why is their sushi so cheap?" The reason: they are buying lesser quality fish. That's not to say that it will make you sick, but its certainly of lesser quality (although i guess there are more incidents of people getting sick from lower quality sushi than higher quality). The best quality fish costs "x" amount and there is no way around it. As long as you know what you are getting and content with it, my take is go for it. But, don't expect transcendent sushi.

          1. I've seen several of these places. Look at what the prices are BEFORE the 50% discount. Usually, it's something like $7-8 for a tuna roll and $4-6 for a single piece of tuna/salmon, which, amazingly, are about twice as much as you would expect to spend. But for 50% off, they are in line with expectations.

            I hate gimmicks like these, so I avoid the restaurants that promote them.