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Jul 18, 2006 01:36 PM

Fancy lunch ideas?

A dear friend and I are planning a high-end lunch date on Friday. We are celebrating a birthday and also mourning some recent losses, and we want to get together in style with great food and a mid-afternoon bottle of wine. Since my friend lives in LA he is especially interested in a Batali spot, but Lupa is too casual and Babbo isn't open for lunch. We would love to keep this downtown-ish (I was thinking Cookshop or 5 Ninth initially), but given that fancy lunches are most often had in midtown, I am open to some ideas above 23rd street -- even though I don't want it to be all men in suits having power lunches. With some convincing of the quailty of food and experience, I would be open to Aquavit, the Modern, Lever House.. any other ideas or strong recommendations out there?

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  1. My husband and I enjoyed a long late lunch one Friday at the Cafe at Country.

    1. Bouley. Downtown, nice room, prix fixe lunch.

      Others to consider, both very nice at lunch: Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park

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        Bouley is terrific. I don't think their lunch crowd will be very "suity" and the room is very calm and elegantly decorated. Way downtown.

      2. "We would love to keep this downtown-ish..."

        Perry Street

        1. great ideas, all. thanks so much!