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Jul 18, 2006 01:00 PM

Restaurant M/ Anyone been?


Was walking on 8th Street last night and saw a place called Restaurant M....lovely courtyard, looks like they have a full bar but more importantly, how's the food?

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  1. We tried the restaurant several weeks ago. We've heard that the outdoor garden is lovely, but this was December so, of course, there was no outdoor dining.
    I have no idea how they could have handled more diners, anyway. Even with a dozen tables, they were well beyond their capacity.
    Menu was inventive, but most food arrived at room temperature.
    Further, the service -- from the snotty hostess to the inattentive waitstaff -- was just a tad better than atrocious.
    With so many new cool restaurants in Philadelphia (Gayle, Ansill, etc.), we won't waste our time or money on Restaurant M again.

    1. WE went to Restaurant M several weeks ago and are planning to go back -- perhaps for New Year's Eve. Unlike well traveled, we had an excellent meal and excellent service. Don't remember what we had, but we told each other that it was very good and we would be back.