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Jul 18, 2006 11:44 AM

Toaster Oven Recommendation?

Need to replace my twenty year old Black and Decker toaster oven. I'm not crazy about toaster ovens but I would miss the convenience of one. Is there one that you would recommend that does a decent job making toast? Thanks.

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  1. Just one year ago we bought a DeLonghi stainless steel toaster oven; it is their top-of-the-line (about $100 at Linens & Things).

    It is quite good at everything it is made for (the baking and broiling are very even), and it has a huge capacity. It even has a rounded back shelf for pizza, and the inside rack is height-adjustable. However, it is extremely slow for toasting.

    If toasting is your primary use, I think many of the new toaster ovens are very slow; perhaps this is a safety feature, but surely an inconvenient one! We have purchased a few over the years, and with each subsequent one, the toasting was slower and slower.

    The electric cord on our previous toaster oven became hot every time we used it; the new DeLonghi one does not and is much safer! Along this same line of safety, our new DeLonghi oven gets very hot when baking; I do recommend pulling it out from under any kitchen cabinets while using.

    I hope this helps...good luck in your shopping!

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      Must second Liu's post about DeLonghi's extreme slowness. I've had this one for a couple of years and it is, hands down, the slowest at toasting of any machine I've ever owned. When it dies, I'll replace it with another brand so will be watching this post closely.

    2. We bought one of these about a year back, and have been very happy with it: We wanted something that would serve as a toaster, but that was large enough to give us some additional oven capacity as well. (We have an old antique stove from the 1920's that doesn't have a ton of oven space.) The convection baking works great, and it does a decent job as a toaster. Not cheap, but seems (so far, at least) to be well built. Takes up a fair amount of counter space, but if you want something big enough to roast a chicken, that's probably unavoidable.

      1. I love my delonghi. have had it for 5 years and it still works very well.

        1. If you want to make toast, DO NOT get the DeLonghi. You have to flip the bread halfway through to get it to toast on both sides and even then it takes 6-7 minutes. When we first got it as a wedding present, I thought we should return it because I thought something was wrong -- I've never had so many problems with a toaster oven. Well, I was right. It's a great oven/convection oven, but it CANNOT toast. The ones I had for $30-$40 when I was in college worked SO MUCH BETTER and I'm sad that I threw away my old one (which was on its last legs) when I got this one because even old it worked better than this thing.