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Jul 18, 2006 07:18 AM

boston must haves ('hound from Seattle/Vancouver)

I'll be back visiting Boston for 2 weeks next month and have been checking out this board. But I hope to get everybody's opinion on must-haves in Boston. (train or bus ride acessible places preferred)

Not intersted in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese unless there's a new super star chef around. Mostly interested in ethic food. For reference, some of my favorite places are

Shanghai Gate
Daily Catch North End
O Cantinho
Buk Kyung II
Tamarind Bay
Cafe Baraka
Trattoria Toscana
Sultan's Kitchen
May's Cafe

and I plan to go back to a few of them.

As you can tell mostly lookng for food in casual environment. Price range is $0-20 per meal.

I just left Boston in January so will be interested in any new restuarants.

Thanks in advance. : )

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  1. Try the sandwiches at Volle Nolle on Hanover in the North End.

    1. Orinoco in the south end for South American. Alchemist Lounge in JP just opened, haven't been yet. D-Bar on Dorchester Ave. for new American, all entrees <$20. Toro on Washington St. for tapas.

      1. I live in the North End, so my suggestions are located there. I'd try Neptune Oyster, Eclano (pretty new, with the chef from the late, great Trattoria a Scalinatella at the helm), Mare, Taranta, Marco. Oh, and Rabia's (might be the most underrated food in the North End).

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          I fear the OP will need to be creative w/your suggestions w/a 0-$20 price range.

        2. Not new, but if you never got there: Rincon Limeno. I finally made it recently and the seafood ceviche deserves all the raves. Also Floating Rock, also not new.

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          1. re: Aromatherapy

            I love Ricon Limeno's ceviche. Their take on the fisherman's platter is huge and tasty as well.

          2. I am always a huge fan of the B-side lounge ( For dinner they'll hit the top of your price range, but their lunch and brunch are divine.