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Jul 18, 2006 06:59 AM

Rec for bar/lounge/restaurant

I'm celebrating my birthday on a Sunday night and would like to have it at a wine bar (unfortunately some are closed Sundays). It's a small group of people 12-15 and I'm looking for any area east of Beverly Hills. Good wine + good environment are a must. Any recommendations would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. maybe Vinoteca Farfalle in Los Feliz or Bodega in Pasadena?

    1. Lou, Bodega Wine Bar, Madeleines are all east of BH. Madeleines is a bit more sophisticated/fancy, but you can rent a private dining room there. The Ritz Carlton restaurant's neighboring bar is also nice - classy, and an older crowd though.

      There's always the Bonaventure's revolving lounge.

      1. Lou is closed on Sundays. Farfalle is pretty good, but the layout doesn't seem very conducive to a party.
        Johnnie's in Silver Lake is not a wine bar per se, but has a decent selection of wine, good beer and soju cocktails in a cool space. No food though.
        What about La Maschera in Pasadena? Haven't been yet but I've heard the wine selection is good.

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          La Maschera's wine flights are pretty good and reasonably priced (3 oz. pours for $3, or $7 for a 15 oz. carafe of their chianti or pinot gris). Happy hour menu is pretty tasty too and cheap too (my fave is mini white pizza with smoked salmon, $5).

          1. Well, Bin 8945 on Santa Monica just east of Robertson in weho qualifies as being just east of BH, definitely has a great variety of wines to slurp down, is quite a nice, yet smallish place. For 12-15, if you were inside, you would take the entire inside, which would be a lot of fun. Reserve now if interested, or just take over the patio, and watch the boys parade by.