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Jul 18, 2006 06:20 AM

Yu N Mi Sushi

Can anyone tell me if Yu N Mi Sushi is any good? I'm looking for a good Omakase experience. I'm from OC and would like to come to LA and try some good sushi. I've been to Sushi Sushi and loved it, but I was told that Yu N Mi is better than Sushi Sushi. At OC, i love Shibucho and Naga-san is a great chef. I liked going to Shibucho and get surprised on the new stuff I've never had before. Anyways, please let me know what you guys think about Yu N Mi cuz i heard their Omakase is pretty good.

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  1. geez with a name like that...

    and again i reiterate for all who don't already know. go check out sushi zo! you won't be disappointed.

    1. I love this place. Good, quality sushi, innovative rolls (their blue crab heaven is amazing), and nice atmosphere makes it one of my faves. Park behind in the spaces between santa monica and little santa monica in the lot, its free after 6. Average prices, nice service. There can be a wait (its pretty small) so you might want to make reservations, but you will love it.

      1. Jlisa1, Can you tell me how good is this sushi place compare to other omakase like Krikin, Sushi Sushi etc??

        I've read some great reviews on their omakase but have yet to see any reviews on Yu n Mi. I liked Sushi Sushi and being in OC i love Shibucho, and i'm just trying to find a new omakase experience.

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          Actually I haven't tried the other places, so I can't compare, I just know that I always like going there, and all my friends I have taken there have loved it.

        2. Went there several weeks ago and was profoundly disapointed. Every piece of fish tasted the same...covered in sauces and garnish. The rolls were good, but clunky attempts at constructing something innovative. The beer was cold, so that was good. The price was around $50 each. If you're looking for great sushi go to Nishimora $$$$, Sushi Time $, Echigo $$, Sushi Zo $$, Sushi Sushi $$ or really anywhere else that's not Yu N Mi.

          1. I think that this place is awesome! I hit it every time I am in LA, and I live in Hawaii. I eat great sushi here, but know that the AHI TARTAR has my heart! I am sorry Mr. Cohen, but I don't agree with you. Of course I have not tries Sushi Zo yet, that might be something that sways me.