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Jul 18, 2006 05:32 AM

Dosa in the core (Cgy)- Mysore Palace

MYSORE PALACE (731 6 Ave SW) had, for what seems like the duration of its existence downtown (it also has a pure veg location in the NE, or had?) only a buffet and none of the south Indian specialties of its NE sibling. Very nice buffet, but nothing special.

Well, I was flipping through that waiters en route thing that most of you probably throw away (as do I since it's all online) and noticed Mysore Palace a new resto offering home delivery- checked out its menu, and wow! Dosa, idli, sambar- no more having to drive to Anpurna! And the selection is the best I've seen since moving from Toronto: plain, masala, ghee, onion, egg, paneer, crab, prawn, chicken, and lamb dosas!!! It might be horrible but I'm excited!

I'll make a point of going there some evening- any reports? I'd love to hear them.

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  1. please edify me: what is a dosa? whatever it is, it would seem that it has been sorely lacking in my life!

    1. Dosa or "dosai" is a kind of south indian crepe made with rice flour- it is light and crispy, and is usually served either plain or stuffed (well, rolled around) a spicy potato mixture, which makes it a "masala dosa." Dosas are also served with a spicy vegetable stew called sambar, and I was taught to pour the sambar over the dosa, but I don't like how that makes it mushy.

      In Calgary, you can get a very good masala dosa at Anpurna, 52nd St SE, right on the SW corner of memorial and 52nd, but since I live near downtown I am really happy about Mysore!!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        god, that sounds good. perfect for me since I am a weekly lapsing celiac

      2. alex do you know about a celiac-friendly restaurant in calgary? I think I read about it in the Sum resto reviews

        1. There is a Celiac restaurant off elbow and 80th (I think) Avenue. I haven't eaten there but my brother in law has and thought it was alright.

          I'm excited to hear about Mysore, my brother is a heavy regular at Anpurna and sick of the drive.

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          1. re: Gobstopper

            I had no idea such a thing existed. Such a thing didn't exist even in Seattle where I lived for a ocuple of years. Thank you, I will look into it.

            1. re: alex8alot

              Alex, I seem to recall that this is the first pure celiac--friendly resto in all of North America. I told a classmate at my uni reunion (this was in Portland Oreg but he lives in Sacramento); his dauugher has Crohn's and he was completely shocked- he said "we're moving to Calgary." :)