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Jul 18, 2006 05:08 AM

romantic lunch & dinner in Boston proper?

I'll be visiting my fave city for just a couple of days next week with my boyfriend; we're coming up from nyc (please don't hold it against me...i'm in ny for no other reason than my job!). My first priority is to find a romantic restaurant for dinner in Boston proper (we will absolutely not be traveling outside the area because we just don't have the time) that has incredible food (we're not big on red meat, so no steakhouses, please), great ambiance (dimly lit, no annoying music or cheesy decor, but not too pretentious or too trendy), and is upscale (don't mind spending $200 or so total). This will be our first trip together to Boston, so I want it to be special. My secondary goal is to find a similar type place for lunch, knowing that lunch just isn't quite as romantic a meal as dinner can be and that dimly lit is not a necessity.

I hope I'm not being too picky. I just want this to be special and for my boyfriend to love Boston as much as I do. My only culinary experiences with Boston were as a poor college student, so any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. The Roman and I just had the most incredible dinner at No. 9 Park the other night. (my birthday) Two glasses of champagne were presented to us upon arrival and an amuse of chevre with star anise. He had the tempura soft shell crab and terrine. Standard tempura, but the terrine was stellar with aspic and avocado. I had veal sweetbreads brought out in a souplike cup with a beef(?) broth, carrots and asparagus. For a midcourse, the kitchen send out the famous prune gnocci. Although it was a half of a half portion, this was all that was needed. Slices of foie gras accompanied it. The Roman's entree was Rack of Wild Boar with a trio of carrots, white, red and puree. I had Roasted Quail with quail egg and white asparagus. $65 bottle of biodynamic wine, dessert wine and two desserts brought the bill to over $200.00.
    The Roman had asked me where I wanted to go for that special night in Boston. No. 9 fit the bill. It wasn't loud or rushed. The service was impeccable and professional. We were treated like royalty.

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      No. 9 Park might be a good lunch suggestion with their Prix Fixe. Radius has one in the same price range too, both nicer places. Both possible dinner spots. Mistral isn't really romantic but could be a great dinner. Meritage has an ocean view and great food and wine. Mama Maria in the north end.

      1. L'Espalier. It's as romantic (and delicious) as it gets in Boston.

        Here's their website:

        1. I really love Grotto. Very romantic, dimly lit, romantic artwork, subterranean location makes it feel like a secret. The food is excellent and will be easily under $200.00, but without sacrificing the upscale experience. It's my "go to" restaurants for celebrations. The only downfall is they don't have a full bar. Often people on the board recommend going to No.9 Park or the Federalist for a drink first.

          Sorry to disagree with Birdy (happy birthday!), but I am not a fan of No. 9 park. I found my experience there to be pretentious and underwhelming (though the service was excellent). I ate in the dining room and wasn't impressed with the food at all. I left with the "what's all the fuss about?" feeling. I've heard better things about the bar area, but that doesn't meet your request for romance.

          I guess a lot of it has to do with your boyfriend's personality. If you're really into the traditional "fancy restaurant" (where presentation trumps quality)than No. 9 park might endear him to the city. But if he's a little more non-traditional and really into food, I would go to Grotto.

          Maybe you can do lunch at No. 9 and another place for dinner?
          Most of the Tapas places in town would also be nice and romantic spots. For some reason, I find sharing food to equate well to romance.

          I hope this helps! Let us know what you decide and how your boyfriend likes it.

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            I feel compelled to be an anti-Grotto voice -- I seem to be in the minority on this board. I really, really hated it when I took my boyfriend there for his birthday. We ordered two appetizers and 3 entrees because my first pasta dish was absolutely terrible. Maybe they were having an off night in the kitchen, or maybe I'm just really picky about my Italian food, but we were underwhelmed to say the least. My beet salad was made from beets out of a can, super-sweet candied walnuts, and a salad dressing that tasted bottled. The pasta was sticky, with uninventive heavy cream sauce, and the crab in my boyfriend's appetizer was an odd consistency, as though it had been frozen. All three main dishes were oversalted. Though he was nice, the waiter decanted the wine we ordered without asking us and destroyed all its fruit. Grotto and Casa Mono in NYC are at the very bottom of my list.
            All of my favorite spots are in Cambridge ... I can't be very vehement about most of the places I've tried in Boston proper. I liked No. 9 Park for a celebratory dinner I had there with friends, but I wasn't over the moon -- food was fancy and pretty good, and the service was seamless.