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Jul 18, 2006 05:03 AM

Chocolate help

Ok... One more thing. Had an idea of a Martini theme type wedding - liked The Kitchen menus but, will try Joe's and Carmelized Productions. So as a gift to my guests, I'm a thinkin' engraved martini glasses filled with truffles or some other type of chocolate treats. I want really good/ quality chocolates and/or other treats. You all are my new friends, and thank you for the catering suggestions. NOW get busy and help me with this chocolate thing............ haha

Kitchen Queen :)

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  1. Check with Chocolates a la Carte. They are located in Valencia and have a website. Their chocolate is very good and they have some darling martini glasses made from chocolate!

    They did the favors at my daughter's wedding and they do many hotel and banquet special orders.

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      This is great my Husband-to-be works out that way and is the chocoholic. Not me! I'll have him stop by there and test the merchandise. :)

    2. Jin Patisserie, in Venice makes beautiful (but expensive) chocolates

      1. Chuao Chocolatier...they are based out of San Diego but I'm sure you could mail order (they also have a store in Irvine)

        The Chevere-ganache with goat's cheese & black pepper is amazing!

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          I love Chuao's Chocolatier! =) sooo goood. too bad there isn't one in LA.

        2. My favorite chocolate store is Teuscher in Beverly Hills...their champagne truffles are AMAZING! However, they are rather expensive. But if price were not an issue, I would fill those glasses with Teuscher's champagne truffles in a second! The only potential issue is that they are dusted in cocoa powder, so some powder could potentially rub off on the glass and make it look less pretty. So I would buy one glass and a few truffles to "test" it out.

          Godiva is also always a good option. Less expensive than Teuscher, but still rather expensive.

          1. My favorite truffles/chocolates in the whole city come from Compartes Chocolatier in Brentwood (on Barrington by San Vicente). They make amazing melt in your mouth ganaches and do lots of different flavors and varieties, last time I was in they had a mango saffron, organic espresso, tonka vanilla bean, sea salt caramel, raspberry peppercorn and the most amazing toffee with sea salt and almonds. The young crew is also very helpful and they do lots of party favors, I had beautiful 2 piece boxes made for a party I was throwing a couple weeks ago and they assorted the flavors for me, they also offered to put on initials on the truffles as well and they can do different colors. Go check them out, they are local and customize everything, also really quality ingredients (homemade peanut butter and marshmallow) and they just remodeled too, hot chocolate is to die for (with cayenne and homemade whipped cream) and they also have some sort of teas I think. Oh yeah and they have something they call "rustic" truffles, whatever that means, and they look like traditional rolled cocoa truffles, so scrumptious, as well as the really pretty artsy chocolates like others in the area make. Reasonable prices, I can't recommend Compartes Chocolates enough! ENJOY!


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              Thanks for this - I'm off to the city tomorrow anyway for business and plan to stop at Susie Cakes. So, nothing wrong with my day tomorrow....:) :0 chocolates and cupcakes! Yahoooo

              BTW After looking at their site-briefly, I had an idea of monogaming our truffles and chocolates. Seems they can do this....

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                AND their chocolate-dipped apricots!

                1. re: liu

                  yes i cant believe i forgot about compartes dipped fruits, the apricots and orange peels are my two favorites...they also do this fresh raspberry concotion with dark chocolate but you have to call ahead and order them, there is a brentwood street fair and compartes always has a booth with those, i stop every year and eat about SIX of them, literally...haha! also kitchen queen the staff is really nice there at compartes and they do that monograming thing you are talking about, really friendly and informative when it comes to helping to plan a party, they have lots of ideas...

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                    love2chow- You are my new friend! Went to Compartes this afternoon - see my other posting (...on barrington and San Vicente) and was totally WOWED. Had many truffles and Love Nuts. Everything was so incredible I was in a whirlwind! I will visit again and try the dipped fruits. Jonathan also mentioned that he has acquired the famed NY recipe for frozen hot chocolate, purchased the proper machine to make it and will soon start offering this. He also has now a fine selection of fresh teas. Unfortunately he was out of the hot chocolate but, it's just one more thing for me to try in the near future. Jonathan IS a gem as well and I'll look forward to working with him. And, tasting, all season long, his amazing collection of delectables. BTW- Did Susie Cakes as well (across the street), and, was NOT impressed.

                    1. re: Kitchen Queen

                      im so happy u enjoyed kitchen queen...they are so underrated its ridiculous, imo compartes is the best chocolate spot in LA, jonathan, who i think is the owner, is so nice and its so good to see someone be so passionate about what they do, especially at such a young age, hes always creating new flavors and varieties and couldnt be kinder, im so happy you took my advice, for those who have not been to compartes since he took over, go give it a shot, they also have elixir teas now and that frozen hot chocolate thing, omg i cant believe they are gonna do that, now it'll give me all the more reason to stop in there, i bet it'll be amazing, do you know when they are gonna start? can't wait to try!

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                        Love2chow-Jonathan, who is in fact owner, taken from his father and uncle I believe, his father anyway, stated that he should have the frozen bliss of chocolate available "soon" Maybe call and ask him.
                        Here's the #310-826-3380 Also try his "love nuts" if you haven't yet