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Jul 18, 2006 04:45 AM

"Sugus" candy?

Dear all -

I miss Sugus candy!! My parents would get us big unmarked bags of Sugus candy from Chinatowns when I was growing up. They're the little colored squares that look a lot like, but were way better than, Starburst. The other day I had a dream about Sugus, and woke up disappointed, missing that yummy chewy fruity chewy chew. Does anyone know of any Bay Area stores (often ones serving immigrant populations - e.g. Sugus is super popular in Asia, South America, etc.) that carry packs of Sugus? Also, sadly, I've become allergic to corn syrup, so if anyone is at this moment consuming Sugus, I'd love to know if their ingredient list has only sugar, and no glucose or corn syrup...

And hey, if you have any Sugus love stories, please post them!

MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE for fostering a nostalgic candy trip -


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  1. I've seen them at many Asian stores in the Bay Area. I believe Ranch 99 carries them.

    1. still sold at many asian markets... try any store in chinatown or ranch99

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        Thank you for the prompt replies!! Part of the reason I posted was that I've been several times hopefully to the Ranch99 in El Cerrito and no luck. But maybe I'll try one in the South Bay, or SF Chinatown...

        again, THANKS! So glad to know we are among Sugus and that sugus is among us.


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          if you live in EC, you could try the Asian Marketplace in San Pablo or Orient Market in Oakland Chinatown.. alot closer than SF or SJ.

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            headin right there soon as i can. thanks to both of you again.

      2. I don't know if it will help you locate them, but FWIW, Sugus come from Switzerland. I used to get them there as a kid while transiting from France to ...France (free highways in Switzerland will get you to do that) on our summer holidays.

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          They may have been invented by the Swiss but they are now owned by Kraft.

        2. I feel your pain. It's the only sweet I ate as a child.

          I scored some Sugus once at the Ranch 99 in Newark last year, but haven't found it there since (I knew I should have bought out the entire box of it!). Haven't found it at the Ranch 99 in Fremont either.

          In Oakland Chinatown, forget about Oakland Market as they only carry some faux Sugus-lookalike. Friend of mine swears that Sugus is available here, but only during Chinese New Year time.

          I was in Paris in May and June and didn't find any at Franprix or Monoprix. Guess I should have tried the "corner stores".

          Please let us know if you're able to score some Sugus. I'll do the same.

          1. Hmmm Sugus...known as "Swiss Candy" or Sui See Tong in Cantonese. Those of you who grew up in Hong Kong will probably remember these at people's homes when you go visit family friends/relatives during Chinese New Year, where they might have it as candy/snack offerings in the octagonal containers with coconut candy, rabbit brand milk candy, chocolate coins, various Chinese sweets, and marinated melon seeds (red or black kind). Back then as a kid you're more interested in candy than red envelopes containing green bills.

            I would try the smaller mom and pop Chinese/Asian supermarkets.
            Like the supermarket on Castro in Mountain View, or the store a little further down across the street that sells Chinese/Hong Kong snacks and some groceries that is on the corner.

            Don't forget Lion Market (several locations, one in Fremont, one off 280/Saratoga, one in Newark) and Marina Foods (San Mateo, Union City, Cupertino) which are competitors to 99 Ranch.

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            1. re: K K

              Thanks all for your rich and informative replies - I'll def report back when I find it around here. My mother just wrote that she bought some in the East Coast last month, so all signs seem to be that it's alive and well!

              1. re: gonzable

                Did you end up finding sugus in the bay area? I wanted to take them to my book club, as they were continuously mentioned in "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafron.

                1. re: lostep

                  Nope, I never found sugus in the bay area. I went to the International Market in San Pablo in the East Bay with great hope in my heart, but did not find it there. Hope what has become an irregular presence (I'll check around the lunar new year like someone said) doesn't fade to nil year-round...