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Owners of New Dishwashers, Please Respond

I am about to purchase a new dishwasher. If you have purchased a new dishwasher WITHIN THE LAST YEAR or so, please let me know what you purchased and if you are happy with that purchase. Thank-you in advance.

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  1. We bought an Asko and just love it. Stainless inside and out, all controls are on the top of the door so there is no exposed buttons or switches. Cleans great and is super quiet.

    1. We bought a Miele Incognito G818 SCVi last year as part of a kitchen upgrade. So far it is magnificent. It is 18 inches wide but holds about the same load as our old (20+ yrs) full size Maytag. The controls are on top of the door and cannot be seen when the door is closed. It's nice but not a big deal in the long run.

      It is unbelievably quiet, does a great job and looks terrific too. The only thing that I wasn't prepared for was that it uses powdered soap only, no liquids. That's not a problem except I had stocked up on liquid detergent when it was on sale only to find I couldn't use it.

      The Miele comes with instructions for softening the water supply but if you live in NYC the water is perfect for the factory setting so you don't have to use a softener.

      I don't have any experience with it (so I may be way off) but my second choice would have been a Kitchenaid.

      1. We bought a new Bosch about 3 months ago to replace the 15 plus year old Magic Chef. It is one of the cheaper versions, 3 cycles plus rinse hold - I couldn't see paying more for 9 cycles, for what? - stainless inside (I think they pretty much all are now?). It is very quiet, which is its best feature. The top rack seems a bit smaller than the old dishwasher. It cleans well 95% of the time but occasionally we get gritty glasses.

        1. Thank you for responding! I really appreciate your very helpful information.

          1. I bought a Kitchenaid "S" series 10 months ago, and so far, so good. I especially love the adjustable upper rack for stemware. Going in, I was intending to go with Miele or Bosch. It is very quiet, although not as silent as the Europeans due to the garbage disposal and drying cycle (that I use for wine glasses). However, the convenience of not having to remember to clean a filter or immediately hand-dry glassware, as well as the larger loading capacity, is worth it to me. I have an open kitchen and its quiet enough to run while we're having dinner on the other side of the counter. When anyone's talking or music is playing, you can't hear the dishwasher running unless you're standing right in front of the door.

            I bought it from Sears, which sells 1/3 of the dishwashers sold every year in the US. Sears is a very good place to start for comparison shopping across brands. I also went to other local dealers to see the brands that Sears does not carry (Asko and Miele). It will match advertised prices, which got me $65 off the Sears price. I waited for the Kitchenaid rebate period and installation rebate to save an additional $200, and also got free financing for a year opening a Sears card.

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              Melanie -- this is certainly one that we are considering. But why does Consumer Reports love the Bosch so much year after year? We were advised by our appliance repairman to go with KitchenAid; repairs are probably easier for him because of availability of parts???

              Thanks for your detailed input!

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                We also bought from Sears, waited for a promotion - free year financing with Sears card plus rebate on delivery. Just bought an upright freezer for same deal. Watch the Sunday circulars, especially around holidays.

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                  Oh, and it's worth mentioning that Sears has a Bosch model that's exclusive to Sears. It also has other Bosch models.

                  In Santa Rosa there's an appliance store that has "seconds". I went there many times hoping I'd find my dream model with a minor scratch. No such luck, every time I went in, someone had beat me to the Miele with the tiny scratch on the door that was marked down about 40% from regular retail.

                  Also, when was shopping in June and July of last year, I also just missed the marked down floor models that had been discontinued when the new ones came out. Again, those sold stickers on the Bosch and Kitchenaids that I could have picked up for a big discount. Liu might have more luck than me on this.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    There's a Sears "seconds" place in San Leandro too.

                    1. re: Junie D

                      Sears will not be my first choice for this purchase. We have the Sears washer and dryer, and we have had a lot of problems both with the machines and with Sears.

                      I do love their tools, however!

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                      This may or may not apply to the marked down Miele but ours required a custom door. So if you see a good price on a Miele, no matter what the door looks like, buy it. You should check into the price on a custom door - tell them you are shopping for a replacement - before you commit to a new washer.

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                        That's an excellent point. Most of the Mieles at this outlet were those for custom door jobs with bent or partiall missing frames. I didn't need that for my installation so passed 'em by.

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                    We also bought an S-series KA back in April. Had been using a 2-3 year old high-end Bosch in temporary housing during construction. Picked the KA to purchase in part to fit w/ KA fridge. But I also didn't like the racks in the Bosch that much. The KA ones to me do a better job of holding stuff in place, keeping it from turning over (which is a real pain with plastics and baby gear), and tilting it so that it drains.

                    The most-recent run of the S-series (KUDS02) also includes a skinny third rack at the top for small stuff or flatware. Haven't fully taken advantage yet, but it was a selling point for me.

                    We bought ours from AJ Madison and had no problems. Their price was better than list at Expo and Sears by $150 or so.

                  3. Bought a Miele Touchtronic six months ago & love it. Cleans perfectly, is so quiet I have to look at the readout to figure out whether it's on or not. The genius feature is the separate cutlery drawer at the top. I didn't think I'd like this at all (I was accustomed to the usual basket) but I was so wrong. Easy to load & unload and because everything is separate, each item comes out totally clean & sparkling.

                    One thing to be aware of: Miele CS told me to use much small quantities of detergent than I had been. Less than an tbs for a full load...even less for a smaller load. If you have soft water, be sure to follow this advice...if you overuse deterg it will attack the rubber gaskets!

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                      Decrease the amount of detergent used -- good advice! I was told the same for our clothes washer. "If a little is good, a lot is better" just is not good for our machines! Thanks for this reminder, and we will examine the Miele Touchtronic more closely.

                    2. We bought the 18" Kenmore about a year ago, and I am personally not very happy with it. Don't let anyone tell you 6" isn't a lot. ;-)

                      Seriously, although the dishwasher is only 25% narrower than a standard 24" dishwasher, it seems like we can only fit about 50-60% of what we could in our old (rolling, but full-size) dishwasher. Perhaps the Miele Incognito that Brian writes about above gets around the issue with good design, but the Kenmore is, to us, a mistake, and we'll be replacing it.

                      With, most likely, the same dishwasher that Melanie writes about. We saw it in action after a party, and the amount of glassware that you can get in there is amazing. Considering we currently do 4-5 loads of dishes, mostly glassware, over 2-3 days after a party, I think we could get it down to two loads with that machine.

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                        Alderete -- thanks for this advice on size. We will definitely stay with 24" after what you have said.

                      2. I just bought a 24" Bosch (model shy56a05uc) and love it. I wouldn't say that it cleans any better than my previous old GE, but it is *amazingly* quiet and offers much more adjustability in terms of rack heights/removability. All the controls are hidden on the top of the door, so it also look pretty cool.

                        1. Would do my Miele over again and again.
                          thought I would hate the silverware rack.....turns out it's great!

                          1. We looked this past weekend, and seriously considered both the Bosch and the Miele. Is either a much better choice over the top-of-the-line KitchenAid?

                            My concern about both the Bosch and the Miele is the condensation drying; I like to empty the dishwasher pretty soon after it runs and I do not want to pull out wet dishes and plastics that have not completely dried. Is this a problem?

                            Also, with both the Bosch and the Miele, do you notice the slightly smaller interior over the KitchenAid?

                            The high-end Miele is much more than any other dishwasher (more than $2000 installed): is this cost worthwhile?

                            Anyone who can offer me some help in trying to compare the Bosch, Miele and KitchenAid -- your input is much appreciated...still! Thank you!

                            1. I'm not able to make the comparison you're looking for but I can comment about the Miele. No problem at all with dishes not being dry...plastics sometimes have drips...but IME using Jet Dry in my Miele gives me clean, dry dishes & utensils...I often unload the DW right after it finishes & have had no problem...

                              One other factor to consider: Miele service is the *best* I've ever experienced...they make a super high quality product (I also have and love their vacuum cleaner) & their service is the equal of their engineering.. The dishwashers & vacs I've had very very rarely have problems...I think I've had to call service maybe twice (possibly 3x) in the 20+ years I've used their products...

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                              1. re: fauchon

                                Thanks, Fauchon, for this information. Our saleman also liked Miele products a lot, over all the others he had to offer.

                              2. This is a highly useful thread, thanks to all. One thing I note is that almost everyone thinks their new dishwasher is nice and quiet, which makes me wonder if it's just that ALL new dishwashers are quieter than the old ones we're replacing. Has anyone had occasion to compare new ones to each other to see if the Miele or Bosch are really as much quieter as they claim to be to justify the expense?

                                (When I visited the Miele store earlier this year, while looking for a new washer/dryer, I wasn't all that impressed with most of the Miele appliances relative to their astronomical prices but the dishwasher was quite impressive, and truly quiet as a mouse. But I've done no real comparisons.)

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                                  PayOrPlay - you make a good point. I have not yet visited any stores that are set up to offer this comparison, or more accurately, I've never met any salesmen who care! Perhaps we need to trust Consumer Reports on this; they do these comparison tests in their lab -- and year after year, overall they like the Bosch dishwasher the best.

                                  While a quiet operation is an important feature, I also want to know that the dishes are getting cleaned, sanitized and dried efficiently and effectively, AND that the machine will serve me for many years with integrity and with no major problems. How can we know?

                                  It used to be that appliances would last for 20 years; now, I have seen charts that say you should repair up to about 6 years on some major appliances, and then only repair if the repair cost is minor compared to the price of the machine. This does not give me much confidence in our major purchases!

                                  I continue to welcome MORE input, and thanks to all who have responded.

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                                    My cousins put a Whirlpool in their kitchen remodel and it has already broken down after less than 3 years. The repair will be about half the price of a new machine and they're trying to decide what to do. The repair people said that the problem is that they use their dishwasher TOO often, that household dishwashers shouldn't be run two or three times a day.

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                                    Yes, ALL new dishwashers are much quieter than old ones. They have more insulation and electronics.

                                    I have three friends who have Miele dishwashers. One ended up with Miele when the Bosch she ordered didn't arrive in time, so she took the Miele on hand as a temporary and decided to keep it. It is installed in a peninsula. The other two households have double Miele dishwasher installations. One has them on each side of a sink in an island and the other has the top of the line one in the main kitchen and a second less expensive model in the butler's pantry.

                                    I have used/listened to them all, and they are silent even in the open installations. That's one of the reasons I was so interested in Miele initially, since I have a peninsula too and open floor plan. I also really like the cutlery tray.

                                    The friends who have the double Mieles set apart also replaced the dishwasher at their beach house a couple years ago with a Hot Point, I think. When they heard I was shopping for dishwashers, they sent me out to the cottage so I could try out their model. They had chosen one of the Consumer Reports best buys noted for quiet operation, since they don't use this house all the time and wanted something economical that would be quiet enough when the house has guests sleeping all over the open A-frame. That model, installed against an outside wall, is much quieter than my 16 y.o. Kitchenaid that wass replaced, but not as quiet as my new Kitchenaid.

                                    The wife also told me that the first time she had a problem with the Miele in the main kitchen that gets more use, the repair people asked if she had cleaned the filter. She was surprised to find out about this maintenance necessity. Now she has it calendared to do every month and is more careful about scraping and rinsing dishes so that she doesn't have to clean it even more often.

                                    The friend who has the doubles in her peninsula has been to my house and now wants to replace one of hers with a Kitchenaid like mine. She's tired of drying stemware after a big wine tasting and liked the adjustable top rack. Also, she is an interior designer and her appliance supplier says that Kitchenaid has the best repair record. Yes, it's true that under the new corporate ownership the record is not as unblemished as in the past. But her trusted source still says it is the best in his experience, and this is from a dealer that carries all lines.

                                    P.S. I received a Miele vacuum cleaner as a housewarming present from my sister 16 years ago and it's still going strong. Has only been serviced once.

                                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                                      Melanie -- Hello AND thank you for this very helpful and specific information. Our appliance serviceman also recommended KitchenAid over any others, but the local appliance warehouse salesman really liked the Miele dishwashers.

                                      You zeroed-in on two of my concerns of purchasing one of the European models (Miele or Bosch): I do understand that the condensation drying of the European machines is not as effective as the KitchenAid, and I would prefer not to have to clean a filter that is a part of the European brands.

                                      There is a huge price difference in the top-of-the-line Miele v. KitchenAid. I would love to have someone justify that difference for me.

                                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                                        I am also glad to learn about your Miele vacuum cleaner. There is an excellent vacuum cleaner store in our area that really likes these as well! YOUR vote gives them even more credibility for me!

                                    2. I agree about consumer report's about getting a comparison of models - I followed there advice for my major appliance purchases and have not been steered wrong - we just had new kitcheaid disHwashers installed and am happy with the performance so far -

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                                        Consumer Reports likes Bosch dishwashers...why did you select a KitchenAid?
                                        I have compared the two, and I think the KitchenAid is a tad larger inside, and I am not sure that the European model condensation drying is sufficient for me?????

                                        1. re: weinstein5

                                          I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents re: Consumer reports. Unfortunately I don't put much stock in their opinions anymore. I deal with fitness equipment and CP has rated a terrible Bowflex treadmill as the best buy for several years. This Bowflex treadmill has inherent design flaws, a terrible service record, and is simply a rebranded Schwinn (all brands from the Nautilus fitness company) - which didn't get even remotely comparably reviews. If they can be so far wrong on fitness equipment, I have to wonder how valid their other recommendations are.

                                          1. re: FiT_girl

                                            Hello, FiT girl!
                                            I have been a Consumer Reports reader for many years. While I, too, am skeptical about their ratings, I do appreciate their write ups. One can learn what features to examine...to purchase or eliminate. Like you, I don't always trust their ranking charts. For example, they have continued to give high scores to the Sears Kenmore top loading washing machine. We owned one for just a few years and found it to be completely unreliable. When we opened it, many of the critical parts (such as hose clips) had rusted. Over the few years of ownership, we had leakage problems and service problems with Sears. Consumer Reports is a good start, but not a substitute for doing your own homework.

                                        2. I chose KA because of friend recommendation which at times overrules CR - they have had one for almost a year and have been impressed witht he efficiency and cleaning power -

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                                            I think I've already sold four Kitchenaids to friends who've been to my house and seen my dishwasher in action. (g)

                                            As Alderete above noted, the extra capacity fits with the entertaining that I do. Also, at that particular party, I had three guests who crashed in the living room afterwards, which is just on the other side of the peninsula from the dishwasher. It's quiet enough that we ran it when they were ready to turn in for the night and it didn't bother them. More importantly for me, my bedroom is on the same floor as the kitchen and I can run the dishwasher at night and can't hear it running when my bedroom door is open. I'm in the country at the end of the road and there is absolutely no street noise to muffle any applicance noise. The Kitchenaid is quiet enough for me.

                                            My ex-SO called recently to ask which dishwasher I'd purchased. He is a commercial building contracter and finishing up his own custom residence with an island kitchen installation. Even with his own building expertise, he knows that I'm obsessive about researching these kind of purchases. (g) He's a great cook and his kitchen will be the center of his home. He has been over for dinner and heard what this new model sounds like compared to my old. When I explained the filter issue, stemware drying, capacity, and scraping/rinsing differences to him, he didn't think twice about picking Kitchenaid for himself.

                                          2. Not sure if this will help, but epinions has consumer ratings of dishwashers and other appliances. I find they help in making decisions.

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                                              Thanks, Missmoo! You got my number -- yes, I am having trouble with this decision! And a new refrigerator is not far behind!

                                            2. I am reading these postings and going CRAZY! Just under 5 years ago we built our dream house with 2 dishwashers. I planned on getting a Bosch, but the dealer who sold them as well as KA and many others talked me into the KitchenAid SUD series. They have been nothing but trouble, both of them, since day 1. One leaked upon initial installation. I have replaced several parts on both, so I couldn't just assume I got one lemon. I have had parts fall off, warp, fail, and even one has had the pump replaced. I have put so much $$$ into these dishwashers I want to cry. As a result, and about $4000 later, I need to replace them both. We can't keep investing in bad DWs forever. But, now we are afraid of making a similar mistake on two more poor choices. We thought buying the highest end KA would be a wise choice--WRONG! and KA would hardly ever give us the time of day.

                                              So which one now? I have studied the consumer reports' last three or four DW reviews and ratings, each one with my model DW in the top ten. Each time we get a repair done I ask, beg, plead with the person to tell me which one to buy next time. I had one say he could not recommend any these days. He said good appliances are a thing of the past. The next person said buy Kenmore, but I fear since they are made by Whirlpool/KA it will be more of the same. I can't see paying $1000 for a DW then adding 200 more for an extended warranty. If they are so good, why don't they warrant them for more than 1 year? Another guy told me Bosch clean well, but very hard to repair and expensive when you have issues.

                                              Eventually I went back to the appliance expert I bought the darn things from. Told him my story, as if he hadn't heard from me before, and begged, which one now? He said they have so many problems with Bosch, they don't even sell them anymore.

                                              So what gives? Everyone I know loves bosch, but who has had one for a few years and isn't just excited for their new toy? It seems most postings I have found are people in their first 6 months of ownership. I want to hear from a veteran dw owner who is HAPPY after several years! Do they exist?

                                              I went to another appliance shop thinking the Bosch would be worth the gamble. They sell all these brands, so I figure they might be objective...? He said to consider Asko, as it has the best factory warranty out there--3 years bumper to bumper, 5 years on the major components. And they have stainless steel wands and other parts that often warp and fail with the high temps DWs use these days. But no one seems to know much about them, even on the ratings and such, the better models aren't tested. He did say that about 6 years ago they had bad electronic boards, so they got bad raps from CReports. He thinkds they'll take over Bosch in the next few years after the averages including the bad board year get far enough behind them to not bring down their repair record.

                                              Any opinions about all of this? Sorry I took so much room, but it's been our biggest appliance nightmare--times two--of our lives, hence the venting.

                                              Would love to hear from anyone who knows, beyond the ratings of CR...? Thanks :)

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                                              1. re: bearhollow

                                                My Viking dishwasher is made by Asko and I do love it. Four years, one minor repair involving the sliding upper rack, and it is going strong - God willing! It cleans very well but I do rinse most dishes because it does not run daily.

                                              2. We have had a Bosch for almost 11 years and still love it. I scrape but don't rinse dishes before filling it and clean the filter about every other month. It's not a big deal at all. It is very quiet and has (knock on wood) needed virtually no attention from us at all. Whether this is a typical/atypical experience with currrent models, I can't speak to. But I would have no reservations about recommending an 11-year-old Bosch.

                                                My crappy Maytag Plus refrigerator, on the other hand.....

                                                1. bearhollow -- I am the original poster, and I am no further along on my decision-making than I was about a month ago when I first posted. It seems that none of the dishwashers is exceptionally better than any others; nothing stands out for quality and integrity. We have looked extensively.

                                                  Miele is very costly -- I think their top of the line is more than $2000 -- but perhaps one of their mid-line ones will serve you. Have you heard anything about them? What do you think? My reservation with the European models is size and condensation drying.

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                                                  1. re: liu

                                                    Sounds like you're as bad as I am about major purchases! While I know you haven't had good luck with Sears, one of the other reasons I bought my dw there is the 90-day return policy. Perfect for someone like me who always suffers buyer's remorse. I had heard horror stories like bearhollow's about KA. But I'd also heard that the lemons show their defects early on. So, I ran my machine as much as I could in the first three months, like washing those dishes and serving platters in the back cupboard that get dusty from non-use, to see if it might fail.

                                                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                      Melanie -- you make some very good points. I never thought about working the machine in the beginning as to accentuate any "bugs;" this is a great idea! Also, thanks for reminding me about Sears' 90-day return policy.

                                                      Your input has been very specific and very valuable -- thanks again!

                                                      1. re: liu

                                                        I am the original poster...four years later.

                                                        In '06, we purchased a Miele Optima with an electronic read-out for the cycle time. During the original set-up, we did have to tinker with some of the settings to adjust to our water hardness. Although I think we might be fine without the added salt, we do use it. Also, I use Jet Dry.

                                                        Four years later it is still running perfectly and we are quite pleased. The sound level is minimal and the drying power is superb. I still love the top drawer for flatwear! Yes, it took several months to adjust to the "new" configuration, but we remain quite pleased with our Miele decision. Having spoken with owners of other brands of dishwashers, I think Miele is one of the best choices.

                                                        1. re: liu

                                                          Cool to hear an update. I'm also now four years in now on my Bosch, and am very pleased. No problems to report at all.

                                                  2. I now own a Miele for 4 months now. I had to replace my whole house water softener since we have very hard water and it had reached the end of it's useful life. That was very important to make it work it's best, otherwise it didn't clean properly. Now the silverware looks like I stayed up all night polishing it. I love the third tray for silverware - it takes more time to load, but less to unload, and everything is so clean. The removable filter is nice and easy to use. Every question I have had at customer service was answered by a real person until I was satisfied.

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                                                    1. re: Bluemax

                                                      "There are really only two makers of dishwashers: (1) Miele and (2) Everybody Else."

                                                      1. re: Politeness

                                                        Nice, Politeness. I'm a believer!

                                                    2. Well, this will be very different input than I have seen when I scanned the postings. Our Whirlpool, which had been Consumer Report recommended a number of years ago, died. We needed a new dishwasher and went w/one of our dinner plates, which are an unusual shape. I do quite a bit of entertaining and have large platters, etc and like to be able to do even those in the dishwasher, but . . have never been able to do the larger ones.

                                                      We live in a rural area, so . . dedicated a day to finding a new dishwasher when the Whirlpool died. I'd done studying in Consumer Reports. I looked and looked, and didn't find anything that just jumped out at me as being "this is it." So . decided on one, and then somehow as another one on display in a different location caught my eye - and that was it!!!! It is a GE Quiet Power 3 (can't check for more info - it's running right now.)

                                                      This one has wonderful capacity for all sized items. I can get my large platters in it. I LOVE the top rack, as not only can you adjust each side of that top rack up and down, but . . one side is "shorter" than the other side. It's like having two bottom racks - I can get a full-sized blender container on the larger side of the top rack!!!!

                                                      It is VERY quite in spite of what we considered non-even a paper thin insulating "sheet" - we'd wished we'd kept our old insulation, but . . it's quite and my husband is very particular about this.

                                                      There were a couple glitches. At first the dishes were not coming out clean at all - for several weeks; we had followed instructions in the bookelet that came with it. I was VERY frustrated. I finally called customer service (finding that number was a challenge for sure - if you can't find it, you can't call -and they don't have to answer!!!!) I'm glad I stuck with it. The CS representative told me to run vinegar thru a cycle, etc - then another empty load w/no dishes - and that it would take film off the machine. I did this and it worked - WHY wasn't this put in the Owner's Manual on setting it up and/or under troubleshooting, I'll never know. We have been absolutely thrilled w/it ever since.

                                                      The other glitch as that the way the soap dispenser was releasing the tablet - it could and did get caught on the rack sometimes. My husband just cut some of the rack wires off and sealed off the ends with the glue gun - no more tablets getting caught. While you really don't like to modify something new, we felt it was worth it as we really like the machine.

                                                      We were able to get this at a Sears store.

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                                                      1. re: BasilSue

                                                        meant to say "and sealed the ends with a glue gun"

                                                      2. Based on Consumer Reports and two friends who own one I bought a Bosch and regretting every minute of it. It doesnt accomadate pots & pans, food residue left behind with every wash, and IMHO not worth the money.

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                                                        1. re: sexyLAMBCHOPx

                                                          My limited experience with KA. Remolded kitchen in first house and put in a basic model KA dishwasher. Not a service call in the 10 years we lived there, not a compliant on how it washed and never a dirty dish and quiet as a mouse. Put in a middle model, a little more insulation and SS interior, just not all the cycles in the next house, over 15 years ago, again quiet as can be, no issues with cleaning, but we don't let food set before washing either. The only problem has bee a plastic piece in the door latch broke after about 13 years, I was able to order a part on-line and replace it myself. We're about to remodel the kitchen and will replace the dishwasher, only to update the look of the kitchen and match the other new appliances. We have considered the Bosch based on good CR reviews, but the KAs have worked so well and have been so quiet, we just have a hard time switching. This latest revolation may have sealed the deal. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.

                                                        2. I live in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact) and we have the 18 inch Miele with custom door and hidden controls and it is awesome! Quiet and a real scrubber!