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Jul 18, 2006 04:43 AM

Owners of New Dishwashers, Please Respond

I am about to purchase a new dishwasher. If you have purchased a new dishwasher WITHIN THE LAST YEAR or so, please let me know what you purchased and if you are happy with that purchase. Thank-you in advance.

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  1. We bought an Asko and just love it. Stainless inside and out, all controls are on the top of the door so there is no exposed buttons or switches. Cleans great and is super quiet.

    1. We bought a Miele Incognito G818 SCVi last year as part of a kitchen upgrade. So far it is magnificent. It is 18 inches wide but holds about the same load as our old (20+ yrs) full size Maytag. The controls are on top of the door and cannot be seen when the door is closed. It's nice but not a big deal in the long run.

      It is unbelievably quiet, does a great job and looks terrific too. The only thing that I wasn't prepared for was that it uses powdered soap only, no liquids. That's not a problem except I had stocked up on liquid detergent when it was on sale only to find I couldn't use it.

      The Miele comes with instructions for softening the water supply but if you live in NYC the water is perfect for the factory setting so you don't have to use a softener.

      I don't have any experience with it (so I may be way off) but my second choice would have been a Kitchenaid.

      1. We bought a new Bosch about 3 months ago to replace the 15 plus year old Magic Chef. It is one of the cheaper versions, 3 cycles plus rinse hold - I couldn't see paying more for 9 cycles, for what? - stainless inside (I think they pretty much all are now?). It is very quiet, which is its best feature. The top rack seems a bit smaller than the old dishwasher. It cleans well 95% of the time but occasionally we get gritty glasses.

        1. Thank you for responding! I really appreciate your very helpful information.

          1. I bought a Kitchenaid "S" series 10 months ago, and so far, so good. I especially love the adjustable upper rack for stemware. Going in, I was intending to go with Miele or Bosch. It is very quiet, although not as silent as the Europeans due to the garbage disposal and drying cycle (that I use for wine glasses). However, the convenience of not having to remember to clean a filter or immediately hand-dry glassware, as well as the larger loading capacity, is worth it to me. I have an open kitchen and its quiet enough to run while we're having dinner on the other side of the counter. When anyone's talking or music is playing, you can't hear the dishwasher running unless you're standing right in front of the door.

            I bought it from Sears, which sells 1/3 of the dishwashers sold every year in the US. Sears is a very good place to start for comparison shopping across brands. I also went to other local dealers to see the brands that Sears does not carry (Asko and Miele). It will match advertised prices, which got me $65 off the Sears price. I waited for the Kitchenaid rebate period and installation rebate to save an additional $200, and also got free financing for a year opening a Sears card.

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              Melanie -- this is certainly one that we are considering. But why does Consumer Reports love the Bosch so much year after year? We were advised by our appliance repairman to go with KitchenAid; repairs are probably easier for him because of availability of parts???

              Thanks for your detailed input!

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                We also bought from Sears, waited for a promotion - free year financing with Sears card plus rebate on delivery. Just bought an upright freezer for same deal. Watch the Sunday circulars, especially around holidays.

                1. re: Junie D

                  Oh, and it's worth mentioning that Sears has a Bosch model that's exclusive to Sears. It also has other Bosch models.

                  In Santa Rosa there's an appliance store that has "seconds". I went there many times hoping I'd find my dream model with a minor scratch. No such luck, every time I went in, someone had beat me to the Miele with the tiny scratch on the door that was marked down about 40% from regular retail.

                  Also, when was shopping in June and July of last year, I also just missed the marked down floor models that had been discontinued when the new ones came out. Again, those sold stickers on the Bosch and Kitchenaids that I could have picked up for a big discount. Liu might have more luck than me on this.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    There's a Sears "seconds" place in San Leandro too.

                    1. re: Junie D

                      Sears will not be my first choice for this purchase. We have the Sears washer and dryer, and we have had a lot of problems both with the machines and with Sears.

                      I do love their tools, however!

                    2. re: Melanie Wong

                      This may or may not apply to the marked down Miele but ours required a custom door. So if you see a good price on a Miele, no matter what the door looks like, buy it. You should check into the price on a custom door - tell them you are shopping for a replacement - before you commit to a new washer.

                      1. re: Brian W

                        That's an excellent point. Most of the Mieles at this outlet were those for custom door jobs with bent or partiall missing frames. I didn't need that for my installation so passed 'em by.

                  2. re: Melanie Wong

                    We also bought an S-series KA back in April. Had been using a 2-3 year old high-end Bosch in temporary housing during construction. Picked the KA to purchase in part to fit w/ KA fridge. But I also didn't like the racks in the Bosch that much. The KA ones to me do a better job of holding stuff in place, keeping it from turning over (which is a real pain with plastics and baby gear), and tilting it so that it drains.

                    The most-recent run of the S-series (KUDS02) also includes a skinny third rack at the top for small stuff or flatware. Haven't fully taken advantage yet, but it was a selling point for me.

                    We bought ours from AJ Madison and had no problems. Their price was better than list at Expo and Sears by $150 or so.