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Jul 18, 2006 04:39 AM

Burlingame recommendations

My mom is coming to Burlingame for work in a few weeks and won't have a car. As BART doesn't go there, it seems I will have to drive out there to have dinner with her. Never been to Burlingame... any suggestions for good places to eat that are "tame." My mom is not an adventurous eater.

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  1. Bart does not go there but Caltrain does and it connects with Bart at the airport one stop north in Milbrae.

    As for places to eat in Burlingame there is an Il Forniao that is you usual upscale italian and not too adventurous. Also anything along Burlingame Avenue or El Camino, there are a bunch of places to eat.

    1. You can take Caltrain to the Burlingame station and it's literally at the foot of Burlingame Ave. My favorite places for "tame" food are Steelhead Brewery (entrances on both Lorton and California Drive, 1/2 block north of Burlingame Ave) and Crepevine, on Burlingame Ave about 2 blocks west of the station. Il Fornaio is also a quick walk from the station, diagonally across the street from Steelhead.

      There's also a place called Towles Seafood and they have live jazz some nites. I haven't eaten there myself but it's a local favorite.

      There are a few public parking lots around (one across from Steelhead) if Caltrain isn't doable.

      1. Steelhead's pretty good. Try the smoked salmon pizza. Right across the street from the Caltrain station.

        1. the Roman pizza at steelhead is also really yummy-goat cheese, pepperoni, onion and kalamata's-the crust is nice and thin. They have a good cobb salad too-it's just what you expect when you order cobb, so you don't end up disappointed with some twist they've put on it-Zeyano (I think that's the name)is a Mediterranean place on Lorton that's has good food and benign offers.

          1. There's a pretty nice restaurant called Trapeze right off the avenue.