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Jul 18, 2006 04:35 AM

Best Seaweed Salad 14th-Uptown (East or West)

I'm craving really good seaweed salad that's not overly expensive, which seems it tends to be at a lot of places in this city. Any suggestions where I can get a decent-large portion for a good price?

Also, do you know of any salad bars that offer this as one of their choices?

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  1. This may not be what you're after, but the best seaweed I've had in NYC is at Shimizu (51 st. btwn 8-9). For $6 they serve an appetizer of four varieties of seaweed (in four different colours) in a light sesame sauce. Seaweed just doesn't get any better than this.

    1. If you just want seaweed salad and nothing else, and you want it to-go, hit Win49. It's not fancy but it's tasty and inexpensive.
      FYI it's on Allen at Houston, outside of your neighborhood range.

      1. just spotted this post after having the same sort of craving. is there any recommendations for this? downtown or midtown preferably.

        ideally, id love a big salad made of a bunch of types of seaweed...