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Jul 18, 2006 03:45 AM

cookbook board

There are now so many board that I think a board just focused on discussions about cookbooks should be added. There are so many new cookbooks coming out every month that it would be nice to talk about them so that you don't miss the good ones and accidently buy the lousy books.

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  1. We encourage all Chowhounds to discuss cookbooks on the Home
    Cooking board, and you will find previous cookbook discussions there now.

    1. I am aware that cookbooks are discussed on the Home Cooking board but especially on this board there are too many different things discussed at the same time that it is very to find threads about cookbooks and I just thought it would be nice to have a seperate board from cookbooks.

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      1. re: honkman

        I think the problem is that a discussion of cookbooks inevitably ends up discussing recipes from those books, and as a home cook, I really like how all the recipes are brought together in one place on the Home Cooking board. I think it would be frustrating to be discussing a cookbook in general and then be asked to move (or have the moderators move) to Home Cooking at the point where recipes are discussed.

        1. re: Chris VR

          I agree completely. And the reverse is often true as well. There will be a discussion about a recipe and someone will say "But have you tried the one in the X cookbook?" and someone will reply, "No, but I've tried the one in XX cookbook and you should aslo take a look at . . . ." And off we are on a cookbook discussion. Much better to have these two conversations in one place.

          1. re: JoanN

            I can see your point that all recipes should be discussed on one board but if I look on the Homecooking Board I feel there are too many general topics (not only recipes) covered in this one board. Most of the time recipes which are discussed are not from any cookbook. There is nothing wrong about it but I like to discuss sometimes differences between different recipes from different cookbooks and thought that having two different boards, one covering everything cookbook related and one covering what else is discussed on the Home Cooking board, would be nice.

        2. re: honkman

          OK, honkman, I will respond and stay within this little guideline.

          I collect cookbooks, older (1940's/50's/60's) more or less WWII types of cookbooks. I find them absolutely to be a piece of history. The ingredients used,(it seems Brazil nuts were the fanciest, most exotic nut you could use)(canned shrimp....ohhh)... (and the methods of cooking (no nukes back then)(that broiler part of the oven that was on the bottom, not a place to store pots...) and some of them with general decorating/theme ideas are absolutely fascinating to me.

          I look for some that were published by groups (schools, Ladies Guilds) as well as the old Betty Crocker types...Those have the decorating and theme well as the particular product with recipes (Knudsen Sour Cream)...its just funto read, and like i said, learn...

          ...then there is this has photos from the 50's cookbooks...with sarcastic remarks...go to the "Institute of Official Cheer" and then tthe "Gallery of Regrettable Food"...I own most of those cookbooks.

          On subject?

        3. Possibly the "home Cooking " board should be renamed "Home Cooking, recipes, and cookbooks?"

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          1. re: Peter

            Right under "Home Cooking" it says "Discuss Recipes, Cooking Techniques and Cookbooks". The site designers are a step ahead of you.

            1. re: Darren72

              Yeah, but no one will see that unless they click in and even then, it's really easy to miss. I mean they should rename the actual board so it reads differently on the list of all boards.

              1. re: Peter

                Sure, someone who has never been to the site before may have trouble figuring out where to post things. That goes for cookbooks, things in Not-about-food, etc, and for many cities in which it isn't clear which board is appropriate.

                There have been a lot of posts about cookbooks on the Home Cooking board already, so users are figuring it out.

                A new person simply has to do a little bit of thinking, looksing around to figure out where to post something. And if he/she makes a mistake, the mods simple move the thread. No big deal.

                I don't think it makes sense to clutter of the "boards" page with long descriptions of everything.