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Jul 18, 2006 03:44 AM

New Job in Koreatown: Any Good Lunch Recs?

Hi All,

I just got a job in Koreatown in a building at Normandie and Wilshire. I haven't thoroughly investigated my options yet, but I'm wondering if you all have any off the beaten track ideas. I'm not a big fan of Korean cuisine, but am open if there are any musts. The only places I can think of within walking distance are The Prince and The HMS Bounty. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. I had dinner at Sonamu last Saturday night and thought it was fantastic. The quality of beef is very high and they had some seafood on the menu, too. We had a seafood omelette/pancake that was really good. Many people have said it has good lunch, too.

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      Where exactly is this place???????

      1. re: Ollie

        google is your best friend:

        3600 Wilshire Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90010
        (213) 380-3600

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          I'm curious as to how it compares to Cho Sun?

    2. I also work in the area (Wilshire & Vermont). If you don't like Korean, that limits the lunch choices, but there are some options. For walking, you can do Cassels (6th Street), Makkah Hallal (Sounth Asian - Vermont around 5th); on Friday's there are several food stands at the Mariposa farmer's market. Korean, of course, is the dominant cuisine. You're right near BCD, which is reliable if not absolutely fabulous. I like Yu Chun at 6th and Alexandria for cold (actually slushy) noodle soup (great way to beat the heat).

      With a 5 minute drive, you have a lot to choose from: Guelaguetza, Papa Cristos (just shoot down Normandie to Pico), passable Brazilian at M Grill (Wilshire near Western), Pollo a la Brasa, Taylor's Steakhouse and, of course, literally hundreds of Korean restaurants.

      1. There's Kuishimbo (Japanese) on 6th near Catalina.

        1. try the dumplings at Authentic Korean just a block south of Wilshire where Normandie turns into Irolo. It's only $4 for 6 big dumplings.

          Authentic Korean Dumplings
          698 S Irolo St #111, at 7th
          Los Angeles 90006

          1. There's a noodle shop on the corner of Hobart and Wilshire called Myung Dong Kyoja.
            There are only about 4 dishes on the entire menu; the first one is noodles in a delicious soup with dumplings.
            I think it's more Chinese-Korean, and is inexpensive so might be worth a try if you like dumplings and noodles.
            Also, there's a decent Chinese-Korean restaurant on Alexandra, slightly north of Wilshire (there's a shopping center there, near the HMS Bounty, and another shopping center behind it.) The store's poster features a cartoon of a strange man with a giant spoon, but I don't know what it is called. It's not bad for a cheap meal.