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Jul 18, 2006 03:38 AM

Brunch for Vegetarians

Have some vegetarian relatives coming in from out of town. Looking for a great brunch place that would take a reservation for 10 people. Nothing too expensive, please.

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  1. Sorry. The place doesn't have to be strictly vegetarian. It just needs to have some dishes that don't have meat in them.

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    1. re: Eater19

      Do they not eat eggs? If they do, I have never seen a brunch place that wouldnt serve you up some simple scrambled eggs or a veggie omelette.

    2. do you have a general location in mind?

      1. They do eat eggs. I was looking more for suggestions for a great, reasonably priced brunch place than any place that strictly catered to vegetarians.

        1. I'm not sure all these take reservations, but here are a few options:

          -Café DeVille
          -Nice Matin
          -Yaffa Café

          1. Counter is a good choice. My favorites for brunch are Curly's Vegetarian Lunch and Organic Grille, but they are both too small, I'm sure, for a party of 10.

            Good luck!