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Jul 18, 2006 03:10 AM

All you Can Eat Crabs at Delaware Beaches?

My family has been going to the Delaware Beaches for several summers now. We have a large family that shares a beach house and an annual tradition has been to go out for all you can eat crabs.

We had been going to a place called "The Old Mill" but one summer we went back - we saw they had a fire. We liked the "all inclusive" dinner option of hush puppies, corn, shrimp, etc.

We have a large group (usually around 11-15 people) and want to know what is now the best place for all you can eat crabs. Our house is technically in Bethany but we're willing to travel to any of the beach areas for good crabs.

Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. In Bethany there are two good choices for the all you can eat crab dinner. One is Mickey's Crab house on Rt 1, at Jefferson Bridge Road, the other is the Blue Crab, on Garfield Parkway right in town. The Blue Crab serves in a very similar manner to the Old Mill with the hushpuppies, corn, etc. Fenwick Crab house also has a really good all you eat crab dinner. It's right on Rt 1 at Rt 54, just before you get to OC.

    1. If possible, pick up the August 2006 edition of Delaware Today magazine as they have a special, rather extensive, article of all the good Crab joints in Delware.

      1. Thanks! We will try a place out and report back!

        1. A warning about Mickey's Crab House, which we have been progressively dissatisfied with. During our last (and final) visit in August, the waitress was so aggressive about enforcing the "no sharing" rule that we had to order half a dozen crabs a la carte for my 7-year-old son, who loves the crab experience but isn't exactly an efficient eater of them. The five adults at our table all ordered an all-you-can-eat crab dinner at $30 a pop. I told my son he could have some of mine but the waitress pounced and cited the prohibition on sharing food and added, absurdly, "WE'LL BE WATCHING."

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            Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. We are frequent visitors at Mickeys, and go off season as well. We have never had them comment when our children would grab a couple of our crabs, (though admittedly we've been a lot more off season than during season, so maybe they were happy for the business), but you are right to be annoyed. It's not like one adult ordered a single AUCE and then asked for six hammers!