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Jul 18, 2006 02:40 AM

awful lunch at jaipur today

i eat the buffet lunch at jaipur fairly regularly, not because it ever was great, but because it was convenient, reasonably priced, quick, and good enough for a weekday lunch.

today, though, it went over the line, foodwise.
the dal's primary flavor was potato--not legumes.
the saag was, how should i say this, tired
the cauliflower was fair
the green salad was wilted
and on, and on

the food wasn't even marginally acceptable today.

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  1. Sounds like you need a break from Jaipur for awhile, in the same area there is Sofra, Turkish Kebabs, in the Westside Pavillon Food Court that's been recommended here. Have you tried it yet?

    I haven't yet, but it is almost moved up to #1 on my to-try list.

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    1. That's really sad news because Mme Zoe and I have had many lunches there and found the food to be A+. Hope this was a one time shot; however, the Turkish kebabs in the food court at the Westside Pavillon are very ordinary. More Middle Eastern than Turkish with ME sides. Best to try lunches up Westwood Blvd - had a great lunch special at Shamshiri last week - rice crust with eggplant piled on it. Finished to the last bite.

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      1. re: ZoeZ

        i love shamshiri!

        eat there about once a week.
        ate there today.
        i'm a big fan of their vegetarian gormeh sabzi and their shirazi salad.

      2. I agree, Jaipur - nothing to write home about. However, New India Grill on Westwood Blvd. has a better selection/quality than Jaipur (IMO). Plus, they have their Buffet menu posted on the window now by day.

        Happy Indian Buffet-ing!

        1. I recall reading a review on Jaipur from a frequent (and reliable, in my estimation) poster here from several months back, where they recounted a tongue-lashing they received from the owner. Apparently the chowhound did not like what was on their plate enough to finish/consume it; and when paying the bill, the owner supposedly snarked at them saying: "next time, don't waste the buffet food". I reckon owners of buffets observe alot of waste and may be justified in calling out a patron on wanton waste. But what if the food just blows and the person can consume no more? It sounds like Jaipur's buffet may be a minefield, when it comes to selecting what one thinks one might finish to the last drop.