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Jul 18, 2006 02:23 AM

Kosher restaurants around Lancaster, PA

We are going to Willow Valley Resort in Lancaster this August and will be joined for a couple of days by some friends who keep kosher. I understand there is at least one good kosher restaurant in the area. Could you clue me in?


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  1. Hi! I am not aware of any Kosher restaurants in the lancaster area. If you don't get any good responses, you could try contacting one of the local temples. You will have a great time at Willow Valley, and you will find some great meals!

    1. The Glatt Kosher restaurant I am aware of is "Central PA Kosher Mart". These are actually within the Hersheypark and Dutch Wonderland amusement parks, but according to their web site you can get into the restaurant without having to pay amusement admission. The ambiance may not be quiet and relaxing though!

      Dutch Wonderland is very close to Lancaster. Hersheypark is further north in Hershey PA

      1. F&M college recently added a Kosher selection to their cafeteria that I believe is open to the public.

        1. Check with the Lancaster JCC: . I'm sure the folks there could steer you in the right direction(s.)