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Cheap Boiled Loster Deals (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)?

I know this is a bit anti-chowhound of me, but I am looking for a great cheap deal on basic, good old, boiled Lobster. Don't tell me about Jasper White Chive and Chevril topped heresy for almost $30 with tax. I want the cook to take the critter, stick it in some boiling water, melt some butter, and hand it all to me for under $20 so I can get my fix without stinking up my apartment with lobster shells. I'll even take the Chinese food places as long as they aren't doing some odd asian prep to the lobster and haven't had a board of health citation in the past 3mths. This time of year is great for cheap lobster deals, so someone has to have noticed one as they were walking by to more chowhound-esque restaurants....anyone?

(Forgive me, I'm a dyed in the wool local townie who has to itch her lobster scratch at least 3 - 4 times a summer and can't recognize yuppified lobster creations as a substitute, though I am a foodie in all my other food choices...old habits die hard I guess)

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  1. I think you can get that at James Hook but im not sure they have anyplace to eat it.

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      There's 1 picnic table outside..and a few overturned crates to sit on at Hooks.

      The problem is that they "generally charge" $10 for steaming..whether it's 1 or 50...

      $8-9/lb today

    2. I just saw a sign at the globe restaurant (Boylston St, the old White Star) for 14 dollar lobster dinners.

      1. Most supermarkets (Shaw's, nee Star, fer sure) will steam them for you, AT NO CHARGE!!! Stick the shells in the freezer til trash day, and you're good to go..
        I believe the twin lobster deal at Victoria Seafood on Comm Ave includes steamed, because I've seen peopl eating them.Plus, they hack them up...

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          My local Shaw's could only do 2-3 at a time, which works fine if you want 2 or 3 lobsters, but not if you want more than that.

          I think Captain Marden's in Wellesley will steam for free, too.

        2. Charlie's Kitchen at Harvard Square is probably a good bet for inexpensive boiled lobster, great "atmosphere" also.

          1. I think I saw a sign at Amrhein's in Southie for a $19.95 lobster special.

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              I saw that Saturday as I was driving by but I thought it was for lobster pie, chowder, and some other fixins for $19.95. Can anyone confirm?

            2. Most of the Irish Bars by Faneuil Hall feature lobster/steamer specials and twin lobster deals. You could have a good time down there playing tourist!

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                You guys were dead on in your suggestion! I happen to work by North Station, so this was the most convenient solution and turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered. There were at least 3 Irish bars next to the Union Oyster house offering $10-$12.99 Lobster Specials. With my $1.25 sides, $2.00 ice tea, tax, and a nice tip, I got a 1.25 lb lobster and some nice mashed potatoes and got out of there for $20 :) Yay chowhound!

              2. I was also gonna mention the Fanueil Hall places. In addition, Kowloono has some lobster specials going on, not sure of the details. I've seen them advertised at Whiskey's on Boylston St. before too but not sure if it's going on now.

                1. I can't remember if Alive & Kicking on Putnam St. in Cambridge does this (I always get the lobster sandwich).

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                      The sandwiches are good. i haven't had one this season, but they were $10 last year (with a small bag o' chips). On toasted, buttered scali bread. Mmm. Otherwise, it's just somewhere to stop for lobster, sometimes fresh local fish, IIRC.

                      I've actually been getting EXTREMELY fresh bluefish at Whole Foods for $4.99-$5.99 on sale which seems to be the going price elsewhere.

                  1. Old standby, Mt. Vernon Restaurant at 14 Broadway in East Somerville(Sullivan Sq. Orange Line Stop) has had twin lobster spec'l for years under $15.

                    1. Whiskey's on Boylston is doing a lobster special. They are doing single double or triple chix for $12.95 - $24.95. (I think that's what the sign said)

                      1. I drove by the Doubletree Suites Hotel on Winter Street in Waltham today and noticed they are advertising a twin lobster special. No price was posted, but given their clientelle, I would expect reasonable pricing. Also note that this is not offered every day of the week: I think the sign said Wed-Sun, IIRC.