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What to do with fresh sardines?

The ones I bought are about 4 oz each, 7 inches long. I thought maybe I would batter and deep fry them to serve next to a light stir fry. (and rice.) I've never used them before. Any suggestions, warnings, etc?

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  1. Gut 'em, scale 'em, and throw them on the BBQ with some seasalt/pepper.

    1. Clean them...skewer them...salt them...and grill them over a really hot bbq....Squeeze loads of fresh lemon over them and dig in!


      1. Have to agree... gut 'em and throw them on the grill. I don't remember them needing to be scaled.

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          Depends on the size, I guess. I've seen my Portuguese in-laws do it by just running the sardines under some cold water and brushing them off.

        2. light marinade (DVOO, lemon juice, garlic. herbs) and very quick roast

          1. Agree with steinpilz with the marinade, extra virgian olive oil, garlic, lots of herbs, lemon juice, sea salt and fresh black pepper, but insted of roasting..marinate over night and the fish will cure from the salt and acid. sort of similair to civiche. It is a traditional preparation of fresh sardines from southern Italy. Great to be served with costinis.

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              that's right, I had it at Pesce in DC that way. I was trying to remember whether to just marinate or broil/grill in some way. I suppose they could be marinated and then briefly cooked also

            2. Well, I didn't feel like firing up the grill for a few sardines, and I was trying to accompany Chinese, so here's what I did:

              Butterfly filleted, layed flesh down on salt, ginger, mustard, black vinegar, and sesame oil for about an hour. Layed them in a preheated oiled skillet and broiled very hot for about two minutes.

              They were tasty and aromatic, but I way oversalted them and they were not quite as fresh as my fishmonger had claimed. Not really a success, but ok with an under-seasoned stir-fry and rice. I will buy them again, but sniff before purchasing, and I'll try grilling.

              1. That sounds tasty, noahbirnel... I always just gut them, grill them and dip them in skordalia -- but I'll have to try Asianising them!

                1. Here is a great Portuguese recipe:

                  Grilled Sardines Over Portuguese Stew

                  Also ...

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