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I went today and sampled chocolate ice box cake like my mom used to make. They have a large selection of cupcakes. On the advice of Houston;Susies boyfriend I purchased an orange creamsickle cupcake and a chocolate mocha. Since I love having something to look forward to I will save them for after dinner. I am anxious to hear how everyone compaares them to all others posted in recent months. They also have cookies,puddings, and beautiful looking cakes. I will gradually taste everything as I am a five minuite walk away. Til now the best cupcake I have had was a vanilla cupcake at Clementines. I will report tommorow.

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  1. Is this at the corner of barrington and san vicente? Do you know what the hours are?

    Thanks for posting your experience! I can't wait to go there!

    1. I am happy to report that my two cupcalkes which I saved for after dinner were spectacular. The cake on each was moist and the frostings very creamy. The orange dreamsickle was rich and creamy with an orange flavor that stood out. The cake on my mocha frosted one was rich in chocolate flavor and the frosting had a deep expresso flavor. I am looking forwards to eating my way through the entire product line. And I will be anxious to here comparison reports by all of you to all the other cupcakes in town.

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        Oh my goodness, you've made me hungry! I can't wait to try this place out! I'll have to wait until the weekend though. Is parking a nightmare?

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          Susie Cakes does have parking in the back. I didn't check it out myself (found easy street parking), but I did ask Susie and she verified that there are some parking spaces out back.

      2. There today - parking in back
        Tasted peanut butter cupcake which was chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting - good but not my favorite.
        The moon pie was delicious as was the coconut cupcake.
        The banana pudding was the best version I've had in L.A. - spectacular. The butterscotch/toffee pudding was also delicious - but I would have preferred plain butterscotch.
        All in all - a great new bakery.

        1. I believe one is opening here in Newport Beach this Saturday.

            1. Whoopie Pie - which looks like a large cookie - costs $5. Yoiks. I tried one. I loved it, at least for the first three bites and then the sweetness became sort of samey. I think this item would be better split among 3 people.

              We also tried the lemon, peantur butter and chocolate cupcakes. First note: the frosting-filled label...well, I don't know what I expected - but what I got was a very small dot of frosting inside the cupcake, not really enough to notice. Not a negative at all, just not what I was expecting.

              Second note: yum. The lemon and the peanut butter were my faves, with both frostings being very clearly what they are named but without being overpowering. I love both peanut butter and lemons, so I guess my choice of these was a self-selecting sample - but, I really enjoyed both. The chocolate cupcake was good, but it had been in my refrigerator for several hours and I don't think that did the frosting any favors. It was still good, but the whomp of flavor was muted. It tasted like an upscale Tastykake cupcake - I'll bet fresh out of the store's case, this would have been as great as the other flavors I tried.

              And Susie was very nice. She seems surprised by all the people mentioning Chowhound when they stop in. But, hey, when we 'hounds get our minds set on something, no power in the food-verse can stop us.