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Jul 18, 2006 12:02 AM


my cousin came to visit from westchester - he's a doctor and he thought he should come check me out as my 'hyponchodriac levels sounded unusually large'.

and he brought the cure with him, right in his black bag. packets of potato/radish/cauliflower parathas from delicious foods, 112-62 roosevelt ave, corona. warmed up on an iron skillet till ever so slightly crisp and eaten with yoghurt and chilli pickle (priya's chilli pickle from patel bros in jackson heights) ... i could walk. i could SEE.

please dont waste anytime. go now and get yourself some. i couldn't decide whether the mooli (radish) or the gobi (cauliflower) set me spinning more, so i finished both packets purely in the interests of enquiry. of course, everybody else dug the alu (potato) paratha the most.

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  1. OK, I'll see if I can walk down there and see what their affect may be on me.

    1. I'm not sure but I think Sahadi, way out here in Brooklyn, has a full line of parathas as well & maybe I'll go check it out and see if it'll get me playing piano. Or maybe it just works on people who are used to driving on the wrong side of the road?

      1. make sure the parathas you buy aren't the ones you have to thaw out - they should be wrapped in a simple plastic cover, like pita bread. try and get the 'delicious' brand if you can, but who knows? maybe sahadi has something even better than delicious. and try it with the full fat yoghurt (treat the yoghurt as a dip) daubed with chilli pickle.


        1. Interesting. Do you know if they make the parathas in the store? Also, how do these compare to the place formerly known as Shahi Snacks in Jackson Heights? And do you get the plain parathas?

          1. my cousin bought the parathas at patel brothers in hillside avenue. i got the address of delicious from the label; i think that they probably just specialize in parathas (like jim's pakistani ladies discovery) but i could well be wrong.

            in any case, these are superb ... very versatile too - have them with kachumbar (chopped tomatoes and onions with lime juice and cilantro), have them with daal etc.

            fyi, you dont need much oil - or any - when re-heating them. warm up an iron skillet, dab a liitle veg oil if youre nervous about the paratha sticking and let it heat up till the underside is just crisp. now flip and do the same to the other side.

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              Yes, Ive seen the Delicious brand of breads in Patel's and Subzi Mandi but didn't notice they have their business so close by in Corona. For some reason I thought they were way out in Long Island. I think the key to the goodness is the freshness as well as the product itself.