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Jul 17, 2006 11:54 PM

Where do you like to eat in Redondo Beach?

I'm looking for a few great dinner restaurants and breakfast places in the Redondo Beach area for a small group of friends (6 to 10 folks) getting together next September for the first time in 10 years. No culinary biases, just a preference for fine dining in the evening and a good old fashion breakfast place in the morning.

If I can help you with a good restaurant or two in the Sacramento area, let me know.

Thanks for any advice.


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  1. Two can't misses.

    Gina Lee's Bistro for dinner.

    Good Stuff for Breakfast. (Get there early as it packs up on the weekend for breakfast).

    If you stay near the Riviera Village you can walk to both as well as the beach and Redondo Beach Brewery (for a nice lunch with beer).

    1. I hear that Addi's Tandoor in Redondo is really good Indian, both from people and from Zagats.

      For breakfast, you might want to check out The Original Pancake House on PCH, close to the Bristol Farms (might be in South Torrance). Get the apple pancake. It's huge, and delicious.

      1. Chez Melange @ the Palos Verdes Inn right near PCH and P.V. Blvd. is reliable and has many fans.

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          I've said it before, but I really don't see the appeal of Chez Melange. I've only been once, but I was so thoroughly disappointed (it felt to me like a Denny's that served liquor) that I will not be returning any time soon. Am I missing something?

        2. If you venture south a few blocks, I would recommend Christine's for dinner. They have a private room as well for your 10 guest. Chez Melange is going downhill. Christine's is one of the few places you can still get a decent LA meal. Good Luck!

          1. Amie's Bistro, on PCH, for a fun French meal. I have to say I was unimpressed and disappointed with Gina Lee's, given the kudos it receives on this board. Second the Original Pancake House (on PCH just south of Palos Verdes Blvd.).