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Jul 17, 2006 11:45 PM

Taking home sushi near Hollywood/WeHo?

Dying for sushi tonight, but it's been a long day and the dog has to pee, so my husband and I just want to sit on the couch.

Any suggestions for great sushi places near Hollywood or WeHo? Obviously we don't care about the atmosphere today, just really great fish that we can rush home and eat with our own chopsticks.

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    1. You could call Hirozen or Azami (is that the one people like on Melrose?) and see if they do takeout.
      If not, Bristol Farms packaged sushi is probably the best premade sushi in that area.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        Though I have never done it (the only thing worse than sitting at a table in a sushi bar would be taking sushi out) I have seen Azami doing a brisk take out business. The food is good, and my how those two ladies run around. Enjoy!

      2. Yoshi's Sushi
        8274 Santa Monica Blvd.
        West Hollywood, CA 90046
        (323) 848-9105

        It's a great neighborhood sushi bar. Everything is always fresh and the service is friendly.

        1. Hirozen is pretty ok but SO expensive. Really I don't feel it's worth what you get for the money.

          Ike Sushi, on Hollywood/Gower is better bang for the buck, though it can be slightly uneven. Not sure if they do take out but it's worth a try if you want just SUSHI and nothing fancy.

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          1. re: linlinchan

            Good point. OP should advise if he's looking for regulation sushi or things like dragon rolls, etc. Incidentally, lots of folks eat sushi with thumb and forefinger, not sticks.

            1. re: mc michael

              Thanks for all the suggestions--we forgot that it was Monday and most of the high-quality places are closed. We were looking for nigiri and maybe a good standard roll or two (rainbow roll, etc.) Just one of those cravings.

          2. Rather than going to a restaurant, I'd suggest either Famima! in WeHo or the Gay Pavillions on SM Blvd.