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Jul 17, 2006 11:31 PM

Big, inexpensive and good in Westford/Littleton/Groton?

My fiancee and I are getting married at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton. Since our guests will be staying at a Westford hotel, we are looking for restaurants in that area for a rehearsal dinner, rather than in the more immediate Boston area (where we live, and where we know the restaurants). A lot of them are not from the area and we don't want them to get lost driving around half-tanked.

The problem: my friends in Groton told me there's not a lot of great food in the area, and our preliminary info-gathering trips haven't exactly contradicted this opinion.

We're looking for something inexpensive, since we're paying for a big group. It can be informal and hopefully unpretentious -- I'd rather have good pizza than bad filet mignon. And they've got to be able to accomodate 30 people. Any ideas?


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  1. Bamboo Chinese in westford is very good and right near your hotel. Other then that and the restaurant at Gibbet Hill I can really think of much that good. Definately informal and unpretentious but excellent service and nicer atmosphere/setting then most chinese restaurants. They do a dinner buffet on Sunday nights only which is very nice with sushi and lobster on it. Perhaps you could get them to do a private buffet for another night? They have a back section next to the buffet that could be blocked off sort of and hold 30.

    Some like Scupper jacks in acton, personally I cant stand the place but it may be ok for something like this

    Also in Ayer there is a decent chinese place called mango grille that has a nice lounge upstairs, perhaps its possible to reserve the upstairs?
    If you want to drive a bit further and spend a bit more there is a nice restaurant "Js"at the Nashoba winery in Bolton or at the Fruitlands museum in Harvard. (not sure if they will do a dinner) You could also go to concord

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      I think Bamboo is a great suggestion as it is so close to the hotel. I think the food at Colonial Inn in Concord is terrible.