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Jul 17, 2006 11:30 PM

New here but already think this is a great board... Be honest- what are you eating right now? [Moved from Home Cooking]

Or, what is the latest thing you ate?
I just finished my grilled swordfish over spinach microwaved in the bag, with a lovely garlic/parsley butter sauce. Right now, I am finishing the spinach out of the bag (I did put it on my plate). I checked the calorie count- 20 per serving and my bag claims that there are 3 servings, so I don't think I can really be accused of gluttony, if gluttony is measured in calories.

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  1. fried bologna sandwich with crushed potato chips and mustard....i stand accused

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    1. Well, I'm cooking a sausage and chicken gumbo and tasting along the way. Does that count?

      1. Still at work, snacking on Pacific Gold - Jamaica Me Crazy Beef Jerky. Seriously tasty stuff, sweet & hot.

        1. I just ate my pre-workout snack... a Handful of Whole Wheat Milton's Crackers with a smear of TJ's All Natural Peanut Butter on each. Oh! And a big glass of water!

          Tonight though, will be Squash Blossom and Organic Jack cheese Empanadas Served along side Wax Beans.


          1. Leftover from last night homemade grilled yogurt marinated greek flavored chicken and veggies with tabouleh.

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              American Pizza company Revolution pizza. Yum!!