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Best pasta -- recs

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Been searching... Incanto and Bacco look good. Thoughts?


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    1. Incanto's pork ragu with handkerchief pasta is meaty heaven on a plate.

      Other than that, I've been disappointed with nearly every pasta experience I've had, probably because I make my own sauce exactly to my taste. So I'm also dying for suggestions.

      1. I second Incanto. I loooove their pork ragu with handkerchief pasta - it can cause intense cravings.

        1. I heard Quince was all about the pasta, but I have not been there myself.

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            The pasta at Quince is ethereal, light years better than Incanto and Bacco.

          2. I love Panta Rei in North Beach. I'm pretty sure the pasta is made in house because it tastes very fresh. The sauces are also great. The fettucini with duck is one of my favorites. Plus the corner location and big windows make it a great people watching spot.

            1. I posed the same question a few months ago and the fresh pasta at Oliveto, Quince, and A16 (in that order) are indeed pretty good. I like my pasta al-dente and more toothsome which means dried pasta and not fresh. Oliveto has both fresh pasta preps and ones made with dried.

              Oliveto gets the edge for me because it's more rustic and not as refined as Quince...which is the exact same reason many people like Quince over Oliveto. Depends what you want. I like my pasta rustic and al-dente with either a simple tomato sauce, a earthy ragu, or a nice olive oil and garlic prep.

              1. The pasta at Dopo is amazing. Just went there again, last Thursday and had the gnocchi with a rabbit sauce. This was by far the best gnocchi ever.