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Jul 17, 2006 11:18 PM

Palladio - Best fish selection in MIA by far!

Went to Palladio in N. Miami Beach which I guess opened recently but you can't tell because the windows are tinted and the entrance isn't well marked. Regardless, I'd read about the opening and decided to give it a shot. What I found was a mediocre vegetable section, a decent prepared food and bakery section then, and this is the kicker, a large and well stocked fish and seafood area. Not only did they have hard to find, if not non-existent at other market items (e.g. skate, scungilli), but also local hard to find fish like pompano. And the prices were not outrageous, at least compared to that leech of a market called Whole Foods. Jump on this place to either (a) keep it in business or (b) take advantage of the low prices before they catch or (c) they dumb down their selections to cater to ignorant, unappreciative clientele.

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  1. Where is the Palladio in NMB? I recently found the one in Boca and have found some wonderful prepared foods and specialty pasta. They have a dish with asparagus and ricotta stuffed in a crepe that's really delicious. They also sell Petit Basque cheese which I love! (Though I'm happy when I find it at Costco b/c it's quite pricey.)

    1. It's on Biscayne somewhere near 163rd. Very close to the Costco (I think a bit north). The prepared items looked OK, but I think it's because some of the trays were empty. I'll attribute it to the fact that the place recently opened.

      1. I went recently. It was a large open spaced interior with about three aisles of dry goods and perimeter meat, pasta, bakery, deli and seafood stations. There was also a cheese/pate/salami/olive island and an area for wines. The highlight was the fish. It looked fresh and like LAX said, they had a great selection. I didn't see Wild Salmon, which is in season, but the variety of the local fish was great. I also liked the selection of truffles that they had available.

        I was dissapointed in the pasta selection for an Italian grocery store. They only had two or three types of fresh pasta and I didn't see fresh pasta sheets that you could buy and take home. I go to Mr Pasta on Collins and 74th for fresh pasta as they have a pretty good selection. I used to buy a great Italian Ice from a place called Surfas in Los Angeles and I looked for it at Palladio, but they didn't have it...Oh well.

        I think they are going through the first month jitters and hopefully will be a good addition to NoMi Beach.

        1. I visited Palladio yesterday (Friday) and they had wild sockeye salmon (gorgeous!!) for $17.99 lb.

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            Costco has fresh wild sockeye salmon for $7/lb. As far as wild salmon goes, sockeye is the bottom of the barrel and $18/lb is absurd. For that price, you are better off ordering it directly from Pike Place Market or elsewhere in Seattle and get King or Silver Salmon (which should be around $15/lb after fed ex costs). At least it is wild and not farm raised like the rest of the Salmon in Miami. (btw.....I grew up in Seattle, have fished for all varieties of Salmon and as such am a "Salmon Snob"). The real treat of the season is Copper River up to $25/lb for what is considered by many the best Salmon in the world!

          2. Yes, I had bought the sockeye salmon at Costco, the day before, for $7.99 lb. but I didn't want to "steal the thunder" of a new source that is trying to break into the market, by making comparisons to Costco, which very few outlets can beat!!