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Jul 17, 2006 10:33 PM

Brooklyn Restaurant not in the slope

Looking for a spot to take a 'slopian' on a date, so it must be outside the slope.
Would like modern fine dining, fusion would be nice. No Italian food. Would travel anywhere in Brooklyn.
Something like The Good Fork in Red Hook or Dresslers. That style. Prefer not going to Williamsburg. But please recommend.

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    1. re: eeee

      Yeah, can't do any better than Chestnut.

    2. Luz is a great date restaurant. Pretty good fusiony latin cuisine and, importantly, good drinks. Myrtle and Vanderbilt.

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      1. re: PAL

        I was going to recommend Luz also - a good date atmosphere, cool but not crowded or loud, at least in my experience - the food is better than pretty good and the drinks do look great.

      2. Saul or Chestnut. Both great menus, but they have quite opposite atmospheres. Saul might be slightly more impressive (for sure with their tasting menu - they will take care of you), and they did get a michelin star. It is slightly more pretentious, and Chestnut has a bit more of a local feel. Chestnut certainly takes great care in their dishes as well. But this is just my opinion! I don't know how else to compare/contrast the two that well. Others might be able to distinguish better. I have only been to Chestnut once, and Saul many so perhaps I'm a little partial to Saul (again, the tasting menu really provided an unforgettable experience). But I definately look forward to future visits to Chestnut.

        1. Olea in Ft. Greene is great! Lafayette and Adelphi, I believe.

          1. I love, love, love! Grocery (Smith Street) and I think it's really romantic.