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Jul 16, 2006 10:42 PM

Great vermouth

Hi - sipping a a new favorite, Vya Vermouth on the rocks - half sweet and half dry. Never was a vermouth fan before, this changed my mind. Check it out and I wrote about them in my blog, too.
- Jacqueline AKA Leather District Gourmet

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  1. Yeah, I never realized vermouth could be good on its own, Vya changed my mind. I just wish it was easier to find in my area.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      The best sweet vermouth on Earth is Carpano Antica Formula, it's almost too good to mix!

    2. Carpano Antico Formula? I've never heard of it. I will say that Vya changed my view on vermouth altogether. I'll check out Carpano. Thanks!

      1. You might also try Carpano's Punt e Mes. I believe the name ("part and a half") refers to a way people used to order vermouth and bitters. It is excellent, on the rocks.

        In Spain, it is very common to have vermouth on the rocks with a lime as an aperitif, or in a bar after work. Many bars have a wooden barrel of vermouth in which they pour from a tap.

        I've always refered to the mix of half sweet and half dry vermouth as a French Kiss.

        1. Thanks for the tips. I'll look for Punt e Mes, have seen it but sort of forgot about about Pimms Cup?

          1. Another thing people don't realize about vermouth is that it's a wine, so once it's open it has a shelf life.