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Jul 17, 2006 10:07 PM

Matzo ball problem

I got a recipe from my CSA for spinach matzo balls. Here's the recipe

4 eggs
1/2 cup olive oil (I used about 1/4 cup schmatz and 1/4 cup olive oil)
1/4 cup water (didn't use)
1 tsp salt
1 cup matzah meal (I used more like 1.5 cups, because the mixture was very wet)
1 large bunch swiss chard torn into small pieces

Basically you mix the eggs, oil and salt, then add matzah till it's "gooey" rather than dry, then add chard. Chill, then cook in simmering water (I used broth). Even with 1.5 cups matzah meal it was still definately "gooey".

When I opened up the pot, the balls had completely disintegrated. I've made matzah balls before without this happening. Any ideas what's wrong with this recipe?

I have about half the recipe frozen in balls (uncooked) so I'd like to "fix" them if possible.

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  1. I would stem and blanch the greens until tender, refresh in cold water and squeeze every bit of water out of them. Really wring them dry in first a colander and then a flour sack type towel. Then chop fine before adding to the mixture. The greens made the dough too wet.

    As to "fix"the remainder, there is an old fashioned way of cooking dumplings by tieing them individually in a cheese cloth (pudding cloth) which would be more tighly woven and steaming over boiling water on a rack. Fiddly yes but the alternative would be to pitch the rest and start over

    1. It's possible there's too much liquid and not enough solid. As mentioned above precook the chard and since you already have a batch, add more meal to bind the batter better. When I cook the "balls" I always cover the pot to add a steam component. I let it cook covered for about 10-15 minutes. Next time use a lighter oil and only 2 eggs. :) KQ

      1. I've never put greens in matzo balls though I have used parsley and dill without problem. They're much smaller bits so maybe they interfere less with the bonding of the starchy matzo element.

        I think the bigger issue is you don't say anything about resting the mixture before forming the balls. I always give the mixture a minimum of 15 minutes to soak up the liquids and become homogenous before moving forward. Then use a light touch and handle them as little as possible — a little oil or water on your hands helps.

        Bring the water up to a rolling boil. Drop the matzo balls in and reduce to a simmer.

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          I didn't mention it, but the mixture did rest in the refrigerator for about 8 hours. I do think that there was too much "green stuff" to matzoh ratio. So I think adding more meal and fat will help the next batch. Just frustrating when a recipe is so far "off"